Clutch drag - basket or hub??

My friend's 450 clutch was dragging, so I assumed it was time for a new basket. We pulled the clutch off only to find the basket was hardly grooved at all. But, the inner hub looked pretty rough. It has grooves much worse than the basket. Anybody else seen this happen? Did a new hub alone solve the problem?

That's strange. Usually the basket wears earlier and more than the hub.

It all depends on how picky he is about the bike's performance and how willing he is to go back in fairly soon and replace the basket. If it already has some visible grooves, I'd replace it while I'm in there.

I agree that this is kind of strange to find the basket in better shape than the hub. But, this bike has been raced a lot and I'm wondering if maybe it's already had the basket replaced once. It is a stock Honda basket, and you can barely even feel the depressions in the fingers. I also found that the folding lock washer behind the clutch nut had been used at least once before. he isn't the first owner?

If so, I bet someone already did replace the outer. If it is in that good of shape, I'd just replace the hub.

That's correct. He is the second owner. And someone's definitely had the clutch nut off before. I went ahead and ordered a clutch hub today. The stock one is $66, whereas a Hinson is over $250. Ouch! We went with another stock hub since he is not a serious racer.

I've never been able to justify a Hinson hub, either!

I've never been able to justify a Hinson hub, either!

Its because you dont own a Yamaha. When the steel insert in the hub of my YZF shook loose, I had to replace the hub. Stock Yamaha hub: 230 bucks. Billet Hinson I got for 260. What would you do?

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