convert alert, just need some 2002-2004 model info

ok so last summer i got slapped with a red sticker ticket for riding in the summer so i have decided to go with a 2002 crf450 so far i plan to get the 22mm off set clamps and maybe the storm racing link to make it corner better, i also plan to get the 2004 camshaft as i heard some where that it gets more power with the new cam, ( i think it was here) then get a new clutch cable router thingy a ma bobber, and a new chain slider, and main concern is the airbox seal, i am dead worried about a used bike sucking in dirt and me having to take it to the dealer and telling me i need a new top end, also are the weight differences noticable at all, i am basically just looking for any information on year to year changes... thanks a lot guys i reeaally appreciate it, also if your selling an o2 then shoot me a pm, im located in southern california :D:)

There's another thread started today about model year changes.

As for sealing the '02 airbox it is very doable I think, but I've got an '03 so I can't speak from experience.

Do a search, all this info is out there already.

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