Wanted......Stock XR650R Shock Spring

Hey guys. Does anybody have a stock rear spring they are wanting to get rid of? My bike has a Eibach on it set up for a 225 pounder and I'm about 185 with gear. I tried to get my sag set correctly and I ran out of spring length before I could get 100mm of sag. So......looks like I need a lighter spring!

I'll even swap somebody out if they need a stiffer spring. I'd have to check and see what rate Eibach is on it though.



Im getting ready to pull mine out, need to swap it for a 12 eibach (280lb rider), I can set you up with it once i get it out, i just dont know when Im going to get it set up..

Brett :)


That would be great, let me know when you get it done and I'll be happy to buy it off you. Maybe we can hook up for a ride since I'm in Seal Beach. I'm always riding solo down here!

Here's my e-mail davidrainey@earthlink.net


Dave :)

Do you happen to know exactly which Eibach it is? I'm 225 - 230 and am looking for one. Would be happy to take it off your hands for a reasonable price or if the other trade doesn't work out do a swap for my stock spring.

Dan / Orange County / danielrex@hotmail.com

i will trade you my stock spring for your spring and give yours to dan :) my stock spring is out of my bike in a box in the garage - the only thing i ask is dan comes by and gets the spring and sets up the rest with you.


home 949 388 1651

cell 949 230 9298

jeff :D

Sounds great to me! I'll contact Dave by e-mail.

Thanks, Jeff, I'll give you a call, probably on Friday sometime.


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