Titanium 4 trouble

I have an 04 kx250f and I picked up my silencer today wich is a Titanium 4. But when i opened the package it was a factory four. Anywho. When i finished installing it as the instructions said. I went to tighten the OEM header pipe clamp. Well its as tight as it will go but it still moves. Anyone run into this prob? :):D

Chances are, the FMF header that comes with the factory four is a larger diameter, therefore the muffler is a larger diameter where it connects to the header.

Sum it up: You need to buy the proper FMF header :)

I dont think you do because the mid pipe slips over the header pipe. So the clamp is clamping on the mid pipe. I emailed fmf too, to see what they had to say.


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