who has the best prices w/ s&h for honda oem parts

need some goodies.



try servicehonda I've had good luck there!

These guys seem pretty good also...

Bike Bandit :)

I have had good luck with Troy's Racing

Ron Ayers or Service Honda

These two places usually have the best oem prices that I have found.

I'm glad you guys mentioned ServiceHonda. I didn't check other sites, but ServiceHonda had a clutch bearing for 6 bucks cheaper than what my local dealer wanted. Throw in a few other odds and ends parts and even with shipping I'll save money.


service honda was the winner.

thanks everyone! :)

try servicehonda I've had good luck there!

I agree, Service Honda is great. I live 15 minutes from Troy racing and don't care for them.

Stonewall that is quite a nice picture you have there, I saved it and enlarged it for better viewing. I hope you don't mind. What kind of exhaust is that?? :D:)


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