Stock handguard setup (Clutch side)

I just installed my new bars a risers, and am wanting to install some Moose handguards... Is it just me, or does Honda REALLY not want you to change the handguards. I cant for the life of me get the bolt that goes through the handguard and through the levers... OFF the handguard. Is it just a matter of buying a new bolt or....?? I know this is such a newbie question... and im embarassed to ask it, but hey, you guys seem to know whats going on!! hehe

Brett :)

Anyone changed these??

Brett :)

FlyBy Wire,

Here are some tips for you that I saved from TT member posts:

" I get bothered by ill-fitting parts, so after installing my bark busters on the mighty 650, the front brake lever pivot bolt is too long now and looks goofy. Well hey, I found the fix of all fixes here. Go to your Honda dealer and order this bolt #90114-166-006 and replace the old one. And if you like it really clean looking, order this really sano rubber bootie for the lever pivot! It fits like a dream, you'll love it... Part #53176-ML3-791. Good luck...! It works on the XR400 too!"

From another TTer:

"When replacing stock handguards on the XR650 the following list of Honda Parts are required to complete the job perfect.

1. Brake Lever Bolt - part #90114-166-006

2. Brake Lever Boot - part #53176-ML3-791

3. Clutch Lever Bolt - part #90114-428-870

4. Clutch Lever Boot - part #53177-430-000

Also you'll need 1 nut for each bolt, my dealer just gave me two with the little locking grooves cut into them.

Total cost for me was $14.00 + tax"

The bolt your are talking about requires you to remove the screw on the top and the nut on the bottom. Then pull away the handguard at the top to get to the bolt underneath it.

Hope this helps.

Great, thanks for the tips guys. just ordered my parts, came to 13.30

Got the parts today. Dont know what these guys were smoking when they wrote it up.... but the clutch bolt and boot arent even CLOSE to working for the 650... damn am i pissed!

Did you ever get the correct bolts??? I am getting ready to order my parts and put on some cycra guards but don't want to order the wrong parts...


Are you guys replacing the original hand guards with bar mounted hand guards or are you putting new stock guards back on there?

I also ran into the same problem with that damn bolt that would not come off!!! :):D

I ended up using the STOCK clutch side hardware. It was a pain, but it worked. I used the Moose handguards, love 'em. The boot that they tell you to order is a joke.... I think whoever wrote that forgot that the BRP has a little thing called a decompression lever....

Anyways, got it all worked out and love the new setup.

I am a big fan of the stock hand guards. I just ordered a new pair as my old ones are starting to look like crap.

So how did you get the stock hardware off of the plastic. It looks like it is almost molded on there. Did you cut it?

I a trying to change the clutch side as well as the brake side.

I thought it was molded in as well.. lol. I stuck the shaft of the bolt into a vice (VERY tight) then took some gator grips to the screw on top, came off without too much of a problem. Then just re-installed the bolt (without the screw in it...) without the worthless stock handguard. they are separate pieces. I will give that a shot later.

Thanks for the help. BTW--the stockers aren't that bad. I've become quite fond of mine. I really do not have many hard things to hit down here, such as trees only cacti and up to know...knock on wood...I have managed to avoid them. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Talk to you later.

I realise this is a super old bump, but does anyone have a good setup for the clutch side with the decompression lever?

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