What is the best kickstand for the costs? I like the trailtech it looks good for $89 I cant believe what they want for $2 worth of steel. What if I bought the X model kickstand did anyone see it?

I have one of the Trailtech units, and its not just a piece of steel.

Its alloy, and incredibly strong, in fact they designed it for the CRF450, and the design specs were that a rider could have the stand down, and repeatedly kick over the bike, while on the stand, and not fail.

Trust me, its well built.....

You can wait for the X model and order it, when its available later in the year, or trail tech or PMB.....




Trail Tech makes a good stand and if you bend it they will replace it no questions asked. My buddy has a YZ426 and bent his and they replaced it.

Sounds like what I am looking for. Where can I buy the Trailtech stand and will the CRF450 model work on my CRF205R ? Pro Billet has one due out in about a month for $150 bucks :) but that a bit steep.

Thanks thats what I was looking at is the trailtech. I have the speedometer on my DRZ and it works great. Hundred and fifty wow wow wow! I still have to buy skids and other things. Is the utah skids any good?

Sounds like what I am looking for. Where can I buy the Trailtech stand and will the CRF450 model work on my CRF205R ? Pro Billet has one due out in about a month for $150 bucks :D but that a bit steep.

Both Trailtech and PMB are wonderful firms with outstanding customer support.

PMB advertises here, so theyhave a link in the TT marketplace.

Either way, tell em you got sent here from ThumperTalk.


02_cr_up.jpg dealer has one on his CRF450, well made...dont know if you can stand on it and start the bike....couldnt tell you





I have inquired with trailtech about the stand and was told it wouldnt be out for the 250 until end of January. they are changing the mount bracket. I have heard others on here say the 450 bracket works fine. this new bracket is supposed to tuck it in closer to the 250s frame

I have the Trailtech CRF450 stand on my 250. The tip touches the side numberplate by about 1/2 inch when up. Other than that, it fits perfectly and doesn't stick out at all. I got tired of the triangle stand and didn't want to wait.


I contacted Trailtech today and they said the 450 stand fits and they would pass along the new 250 bracket when it became available if I purchase the 450 stand now. Thanks, it looks like a nice stand. :)

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    • By AggiesaurusRex
      I have a 2008 CRF250R, and this bike WILL NOT run. Not with kicking your leg off, not with push starting. Every few kicks it'll backfire out of the airbox and that's all it'll do. 
      Has new cam chain, hot cam, piston ring. 
      I have checked, rechecked, reset, rechecked, disassembled, reassembled, and set timing for days and this thing will still only backfire. PLEASE HELP!
      Things that have been checked:
      Flywheel and woodruff key, no damage to key
      Cam chain tensioner changed to manual, its not too tight or loose
      Piston ring set right and staggered,
      Timing is set to match on right side timing mark, left side flywheel hashes, and cam lobs are back and matched with the top of the head, and TDC was verified while setting. 
      Valves are within 0.005, exhaust is a 120 and the smallest shim so I can't get it and closer. 
      Wiring harness replaced, grounds cleaned, connections cleaned, spark plug replaced. 
      I'm completely at a loss and open to any ideas you guys might have. 
    • By TPA-MX
      Hi All,
      I have run across an interesting bike trade that I would really like some guidance/feedback/opinions on.  
      First, let me give you some background on my riding style and type of terrain we (myself and my boys) ride on.  I am the type of rider that feels like I can go faster, jump higher and turn better, watching Supercross on Saturday nights only makes it worse, but in reality, I am a weekend basher.  We ride mostly at local (Tampa) MX tracks (Tampa MX, Ocala Hardrock, and Spyder Mx) along with some trail riding on our 50 acer property here in tampa.  I am planning to add a few jumps and berms to the trail track to make it more fun. My son's are very similar, but less fearful on getting hurt.  They can get hurt and not negatively affect the income for the home.    Needless to say, we like to have fun and use MX as a bonding sport for all of us. 
      Now, I would say that my role has turned more into the family/friend mechanic.  We have bought a sold 12 bikes in the last 14 months, so I do like buying a bike, resurrecting it, making sure it is mechanically sound and looks good.  It then gets sold, and I move on to the next one.  Consider it therapy for me! 
      I recently picked up a 2011 YZ450f, and I really like the bike.  The 450 completed the "Class" trifecta for us (2007 CR125r, 2014 KX250f and the YZ450f).  However, I have always has a soft spot in my heart for Hondas.  I have found a 2015 CRF250r that looks like it is in really GREAT condition, almost equally as the 450 I have (still have to take a look at it).  He is interested in trading for the 450. 
      I know that bikes go through their "great" years and "not so great" years.  How is the 2015 CRF250r?  Reliable?  Good reviews?  Is the 2015 a year that was awesome or one to stay away from?
      2015 CRF250r - Pretty stock except the full dual Yohsi Exhaust system (rs-9), protaper bars and some ubreakable levers.  Other than that, it is mostly stock, minus a few cosmetic upgrades. 2011 YZ450f - Pretty stock as well except the Yoshi slip-on silencer, brand new chain, works connection radiator braces, rebuilt suspension, all new plastics and graphics (arrive tomorrow).  Bunch of cosmetic upgrades.  Would you personally consider trading a 2011 yz450f for a 2015 CRF250r?  Thoughts?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Michael Pieterse
      Hey guys,
      first post here.
      My bike is a 2009 Honda CRF250R which i bought in August 2017, i have only ridden it twice since then due to mechanical problems.
      When i bought the bike i didn't know as much as i do now unfortunately, nevertheless ive spent more on it than what i paid for originally.
      i Took the bike to my local Honda dealership and they said its a common occurrence where the bikes wont turn over it just needs clearance adjustment and shimming, i brought my bike to them and told them to do a full inspection on it.
      Initially after the inspection they said; Tyres are worn, front brake pads worn, clearance need to be checked and 4x shims needs replacement. i told them to continue with their work and do whatever needs to be done to get my bike running again. 
      A week go by and no luck, according to them they got the bike starting but heard a knock from the engine and the cam chain and tensioner needs to be replaced as it is in correlation to the bike not turning over, few days later with a new cam chain installed the bike started first kick according to the mechanic but didn't want to turn over for a second time no matter how many times they tried.
      After them inspecting the bike again they phoned me and said the flywheel is demagnetized and the stator is burnt, but there are no new parts available anywhere in South Africa and it would take 6weeks to get the new parts.
      Their initial quote was R1100 to get my bike running again, it totaled to R7000 without the flywheel and stator which was an additional R6800. This Honda dealership clearly don't follow procedure and cant comprehend the concept of what a full inspection means otherwise there wouldn't have been that much trial and error on their part.
      i took my bike back almost 7 times more than what i thought it would cost only to get a bike still in the same condition as before, not running.
      a local mechanic supplied me with a second hand flywheel and stator for R3000 which made the bike start with much struggle (cant cold start, 20-30 kicks when warm plus it had a massive bog) meaning Honda never even bothered to look at my carb, there was a stripped leak jet which is very visible and they never mentioned it once.
      i had my carb dipped in acid and rebuilt as the acc bypass nozzle that squirts fuel into the engine was also blocked and spraying mist, carb cleaner, compressed air and thin wire couldn't clear it up but the acid bath made it look brand new and working perfectly, they also drilled out the stripped leak jet and replaced it for me.
      a different local mechanic had a look at my bike and the shims had to be replaced again... the Honda dealership clearly knows what they're doing.
      My bike can finally start but the power delivery is super jerky. if i punch the throttle there is a delay before it kicks in and you can hear/ feel there's something wrong.
      slowly opening the throttle is when its worse, i attached a link to a YouTube video of my bike. i would greatly appreciate any assistance to resolve this problem.
      thanks in advance
      the idle sounds a bit high but after a few seconds itll drop down for some reason. not shure if its a related issue.
    • By MotoXRacer_19
      Hi guys, probably a stupid question here, but I figure you can never be too safe. I have some Motorex 15w-50 from my 2010 KTM 250 XC (which I sold) and I was wondering if it would be okay to run in my 2014 KTM 350 XC-F which calls for Motorex 10w-50? What would be the side effects of running a 15w-50 instead of a 10w-50?
      Also, if you have any suggestions of good oil to run, please feel free to recommend it and give your reasons why.
      Thanks guys.
      (Attached is my 350)

    • By cardi4
      Parting out my 14 crf250. This bike was a jimmy d race bike. The motor is rebuilt with 1 hour on it with all oem parts including piston, rings, crank, every trans bearing, main bearings, water pump and bearings, cylinder, and center case. It has a vortex ecu, Hinson clutch, Boysen super cooler, decked and ported head by TLR with Del west valves and custom cam. Let me know what you want and how much. Also have the title for the frame.