Riding Pants

Looking for a good Dual Sport pant. Some friends have the Moose Expedition pants, and really like them. Anyone have an opinion on the new Thor Ride pants? I want over the boot, and pockets.

Thanks in advance.

I just bought the Thor Ride pants and jacket and love them. Great fit and quality construction. Not flashy either which is nice. I really like the cargo pockets which zip shut and have a velcro flap over the top. Same with the bottom of the leg. It has a sealed zipper with a adjustable flap that velcros shut. Seals up nice and tight at the bottom of the boot. Tested them out in the rain too, nice and dry all day. They will definitely be too warm in the summer though. They dont breathe at all. I had about a 40mph ejection the first day I had them and I was bloody underneath but not a single rip of tear on the pants. Pretty tough stuff, glad I had them on.


Becouse I have not found any pants I like yet. I use non-camo hunting pants, the one that are for thick woods with the extra layer from the knee down. They go over the boot, work good, and cheep. My knee pads will fit but a little tight.

For some reason they dont get soaking wet in creek crossing.

All the shops around here only carry MX stuf if any.

It works for me, for now. :)

I'm not a fan of the over the boot pant for dualsporting. It has the potential to catch and hold stuff. Nate had em on LA-B-Vegas and got rid of them after the ride for those reasons. I havent found a good heavy duty, breathable, durable pant either, but I saw MSR has one on the market this year. It has a cargo pocket too. I bought the cheap MSR world tour pant 3 years ago. I was just gonna wear them till I found something I liked. I still use em, they're in great shape. They're the only riding pants I have (that fit,lol)I think I paid $50.00 or so.

I am not a fan of over the boot myself, just waiting for the leg to catch on the sharp IMS pegs. Around here if you wear a helment people think you are strange. When I go riding it is by myself, so I try not to stand out.

The plain hunting pants over the boot help when you have to stop to get gas at some store that Bubba owns and all his boys hang out at. :)

The chest protecter under the riding jacket makes you look like some bad a** I guess.

Around here if you wear a helment people think you are strange

Do you have to wear a wife beater, John Deer mesh hat and have a beer in one hand and smokes in the other to fit in? Oh and you MUST be riding a quad :D

Where the hell do you ride? :)

Thanks to everyone for the help. I currently wear Moose M1 pants, they are a little less "billboard" than the rest, but I wanted something low key with pockets. Thanks for the opinions on over the boot, I guess people either love them or hate them, and I'll have to find out for myself.

Nate had em on LA-B-Vegas and got rid of them after the ride for those reasons.

I believe he complained about the zipper being on the inside of the leg(pants turns into shorts), and the it was rubbing on his leg the whole way! Between the bike, the leg, and the zipper and leg lost that war! :)

I bought a pair of o'neal apocalypse (sp) pants that are over the boot about 3 months ago. I like them. I like that they do not make me into a walking bilboard and I like the look of it going over the boots. It did catch something on the bike about 2 times but nothing too anoying.

Over the boot like the shift or thor are graet for dualsporting, they look normal and are really comfy.They don`t catch anthing your boot wouldn`t.

...I currently wear Moose M1 pants, they are a little less "billboard" than the rest

Same reason I wear them.

I JUST got a new pair of MSR ISDE pants; finally; Motorcycle USA had em on back order for ever.. I chose them because they have a large cargo pocket; they don't look like MX pants, and they will either fit inside or outside your boots although I don't see much point in wearing any pants outside the boot. They feel real comfy too as they have stretch panels in just the right areas; and yet are still 100% waterproof.

Most important though, they make em in... errrhhemm LARGE man size (44in) :)

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