Good front tire for yz?

Looking too experiment with a different front tire I ride in the south east I would classify the the track I mostly ride too be mid too hard soft on top but kind of a hard rocky base. I currently have a mx51 on it and ideas on tire that might give me a little extra bite thanks in advance.

Try a Bridgestone 203 in 90/100x21.  I've had great luck with it in the mix of soils in the SoCal desert.  Sounds similar.

Thank you grey I was just gonna take a shot in the dark that is one if the tires I was looking at I will go with the 203. I'm not expecting night and day differences but I figured doesn't hurt too experiment that's part of the fun and maybe I will stumble on a tire I have preference for.

By the way I ride in the north east not the south east my mistake. I live in ny. I'm hoping that doesn't change your input. Ill assume it doesn't since I described the terrain.

Nope, same suggestion.  Never been outside of the Atlanta airport, so I'm just going off what you described.  The 203 is "by the book", and by design, a "soft terrain" tire, but the problem we have out here is that you need something that will work on sand, DG, rocks, dry soft dirt, dry hard dirt, silt, and hard pack all on the same day.  It's a PITA, really, because there's nothing that will really do all of that.  The 203 does better than the MX51front (although I do like the MX51 on the rear a lot), the D952, or the old 756, and much better than the MX31, which seems to be more oriented to wet stuff. 


Lots of good tires to try, but I do understand the problem with a mixed soil environment.  If it's mostly hard packed most of the time, you might look at an MX71 or a Bridgestone 403.

Very good info. The other tire I was looking at was the mx31 sounds like that wouldn't have Ben the best choice maybe even worse than the 51. I don't have any thing bad too say about the mx 51 on the back and that's what will stay on when I try the 203 I assume mixing tires is fine for dirt application. I have never cared before but I did start too race last year not that I'm fast.

You're probably faster than somebody.


There's no problem mixing tire brands or types or whatever as long as the results are good.  The 203/MX51 F/R is exactly what I run.  I get excellent tire life from the MX51 rear, it's good in the sand, the cornering traction is great, particularly when under power, and it doesn't get torn up in the rocky stuff.  There may be something better for your situation, but I would have probably started with the MX51 there, too.

Sounds good I will try that combo. I only got too go race twice last summer towards the end of the season I showed improvement my second race day and actually and did much better. So I was happy. Thanks again.

Bridgestone M603 90/10021.  Perfect for Northern Nevada desert.  Very durable, never chunks side knobs.

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