new graphics

it looks so shiny and new i had to share :):D :D




Dirt Tricks cover


sweet looking bike. I was going to get that dirt tricks cover for my bike.

Great looking bike,has some things I wanna get for mine.

I noticed you used the stock drain bolt as I did. The one that comes with the dirt Tricks cover was not tapered and looked to small. But with using the stock bolt you can not even use a socket to get the bolt off to drain the oil. I should have bought any other than the dirt tricks cover.

those look sweet dude. Im still deciding weather to go with one industries or n-style...dunno yet. The PC factory rides looked pretty sweet too in aniehiem... :D:)

i would have gone n-style pc but they arnt availiable yet and wont be for a good while yet from the sound of it.

Im thinking these will last 3-6 months then i will go with new ones whether thay are custom or n-style

You going to ardmore on Sunday? You wouldn't want to get it dirty...... :)

Yea mate, R U going sunday, give us a chance to roost you!!

Interesting comment about 'stock' drain bolt for cover as ours didn't come with DT one.

Why does that YZF rider keep bugging us :)

ill be there on sunday, we might have to do a bit of a double team on a certain yzf rider.

I reakon the new graphics are worth at least a second a lap and some definate roost for the blue rider :)

Bring it on.... :D

You can roost me as I lap you..... :)

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