ChangesBy Model Year

Can anybody out there run down the differences between the 02, 03, and 04 models in concise fashion?

For instance, what is the differencein flywheel weight between the threemodel years?



Can you tell me the diffrence in the 02 and 04 ignitions, I just got an 04 flywheel and want an updated ignition to complete all my engine work. Does the 04 ignition just rev out more?

The '04 threw in some parts that would have been previously aftermarket, such as Renthal bars, gripper seat, and adjust on the fly clutch perch that supposedly didn't rattle as much. As bikewriter said, the forks has a slippery internal honing process to improve the action, and it is noticeable. If no one else has mentioned it, the '04 motor had a higher compression piston, also.

I have heard guys claiming the 04 has less tendency to stall in slow technical terrain. However, I am confused! If the 04 has a lighter flywheel, I would think it would be more susceptible to stalling...???

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