SM playin with SB ...VID<

my bud was goin through his digi shots and put this lill bit together :cheers:Be kind to the server and right click and save.... thank you :)

nice FX!first time ive seen you in real action.finally got dsl so i can down load the vids!

the standing on the seat stuff is way cool! :)

so i can down load the vids!

Ya I've got something like 3 or 4 gigs :)

Thats cool, thanks E :)

We have a few buds that have helmet cams for X-Mas

And that was a short one as I can go a long way down country roads with corners and hills .

So it should be a real good summer as there are gona be a few mor SMs riding with us this year :D

yet again, the SM rider shows uo the 4cyl boys

Kev, where's the wheelie with right hand pointing ya middle finger?

this should keep ya busy practising for a while. :)

:):D :D


So dont be so lazy you putz!! type somthin :D

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