Some nice Wheels(front and back) on EBAY!!

Anything loaded up with Armor-All worries me.

Hey Ripper, are you selling your wheels?

Hey Ripper, are you selling your wheels?

Nope not me :), but I'm builting a front/rear with Gold Excels, Bulldog spokes with stock hubs that I will be selling by next week. :D(if I find the time to built them...have all the parts though)


A guy from MotoSportOutlet told me that the bulldog spokes only fit excel hubs....

Is this bad info?

I just ordered 2x black pro wheels and buchanan spokes.

Also, If you could link me up to that wheel building post you had(if i remember right).. i'd appreciate it!!

FasterNU....I put a wheel together last month using Bulldog spokes on a stock hub(1995 cr250) and worked out fine. :) But I would still use Buchanan if you got them. They are the best spokes out there. I'm using the Bulldog ones because they came with the Excel rims. As for the OLD thread about Builting a Wheel......could not find it(Very Long Ago), but I did print it out and here it is. :D I have to type this out too and the date was 12/28/02 by wingman111. I used this my 1st 5 wheels and it works great!! Thanks again wingman111!! :D

Lay out your new rim and if you have a complete wheel try to note which side the stamped lettering is on, ususally the lettering is on the disc side most modern mx wheel sets use the inner same lenght spoke for all locations but check to see if this is so, start with the inner spokes by placing them one by one into one side of the wheel, start the nipples by hand just a few threads flip wheel over and start the other inner spokes . Repeat with the outer spokes on both sides. Now the trueing process begins, when using new stock spokes or possiably others if they are precisely made and are all of exactly the same length and the treaded area is uniform to all tighen all spokes until the same amount of thread shows say about 2 threads showing. Now start at one of the drilled holes and I would mark it with say a magic marker, and go around the wheel tightening the spokes the same amount lets say 1/4 turn each go one revolution clockwise on the wheel then counterclockwise and so on until the spokes are fairly tight. Now check the run out up and down and side to side, usually at this point the spokes still are not at the correct final tension so I still tighen the spokes to true the rim, find the up down high spot and tighen a group of 3 or 4 spokes in this area keep working until the up/down dimension is fairly close then work on the side the side find the high spot on say the left and tighen a group of spokes tighten spokes on the opposite side of the high spot here, then after doing this move to the right and do the same back and forth again and again be sure to check the up/down sometimes and deal with that as well, if you get to the point where the spokes are very tight and you still need to move the rim loosen spokes on the high spot to accomplish this. When you are all done all the spokes should be very tight and give of a fairly uniform ping sound when struck with the spoke tool.

Wow..that was a lot of typing(for me that is) :D. The only thing I can add to this, is put Waterproof grease in the nipples when builting the wheel. This will avoid the nipples from seizing on the SPOKE.

Hope this helped!! :D

Sounds hard to do, but VERY EASY!! :D

Hey Ripper, for stock hubs don't you put the OUTER in first?

It's been a while since I built one but I went by these directions and had to take all the inner ones back out because I couldn't get the outer ones in.

I knew you was going to say that Fred :), but for some reason I have Never had to do that. :D Now the last one or two might be a little hard, but as long as you DON'T tighten down the Spokes to much you should have not that much of a problem.

I'm not going to argue with you Dave, as many wheels as you've built. :)

Thanks Ripper!!!!!!

Man, i feel guilty! You do all the typing....

I get to cut N paste and print it out! SWEEET deal for me!! I really appreciate it.

One other question. Are the inner spokes longer or shorter?? (probably a dumb question, but my wheel isn;t in forn of me)

I'll let you all know how it goes.

FYI I also have been considering polishing or powdercoating the stock hubs... Anyone know about how much this will cost?

Thanks again!


Are the inner spokes longer or shorter??

The inners are longer(rear), of course the front are all the same size.

I also have been considering polishing or powdercoating the stock hubs

I have had my Anodized....looks great :D and at $35 a piece too. Here's a web site that does it and does a great job too:

Good Luck and let us know what you come up with. :):D

Did you polish the hubs first???

According to the TCR webiste anodizing stock hubs does not come out well because the cast parts aren't pure aluminum... said they come out blotchy...

Do you happen to have a picture of the anodizing you got done???

Did you polish the hubs first???

TCR polished my hubs. Here is a picture.


I'm sorry but they were Powder Coated not anodized. :D(one of those things I get mixed up....I don't know why though :D)

I'll take a pic in the morning. They tured out Great!! :)

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