MX Handguards

I am looking for some MX handguards that fit the 04. I bought the Acerbis MX light hand guards and the plastic mounting bracket doesn't go over the hot start and clutch properly. I also tried the Cycra MX guards and they don't acommodate the hot start as well. What fits the 04?

Just get the Dr.D hot start which moves it over to the front brake side. Then you can use a CR250 perch and run whatever handguards you want.

I have the Cycra stealth MX guards and really like them..easy on , easy off.


Those Cycras look good. Do they work fine with stock hotstart? Is it the same on the '04, I noticed you have an '03? It looks like the mounting system is much better than the Acerbis flag system.

I'll post a picture and show you the Hotstart side.

I've got the Cycra Stealth guards on my '04 and they fit okay. I also have Universal oversize bars on it. On the hotstart side the mount that sticks out goes between the clutch lever and the hotstart IMO to get it to fit the best. You also have to move the kill button to the right side of the perch. I looked all over for mx style handguards for this bike and they are the best i've found so far. My only fear is that they don't seem like they would flex much if you wad it hard and could break taking the hot start lever and/or perch with it. I may still try to find a better solution. :)



Thanks for the pics. Looks like it doesn't interfere too much with anything. Is the plastic pretty strong? I would guess it would be similar to the Acerbis flag, which is what I had before.

Their just roost guards...I like them for the ease of taking off and putting on. If you didn't like the shape, just bolt different brand to the mounts.

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