Sunset Ridge MX Rental Days

I just checked SunsetRidge MX's website, looks like they have the 2004 Race and Practice schedule posted. They also have some available rental days posted as well. I was wondering if anyone on here would want to pitch in and get a day of excellent riding in at the best track in Northern Illinois? I am not sure of the price but I would think it would be around 2-300.

Let's try and get a good TT turnout. Check the website and let me know what rental days work for everyone. I personally was thinking maybe May 8th or 9th. Later.

Count me in! Also, I have several 4-stroke guys from Fox Valley Cycles wanted to rent out Waterman AX...

Im definatly in, Im pretty sure its right around $300 for the day.

Okay, here's the plan. I called Sunset and tentatively got myself written in for May 8 (Saturday). The owner said that it is $300 for a day if you have less than 15 people, if you have more it is $20 a head. From the looks of it I have 5-6 people so far that are in. Everyone is welcome to come, just let me know on here so I can keep track. I can't wait!

If someone brings little kids (too big for kiddie track) do they split the classes like they do on regular practice days? I am just wondering since I want to get maximum time out on the track.

i'm in for sure, i think its round $300 for rental

Roger that :)


I already had you counted as one of the 5-6 that were in! I knew you'd be game. I may call and reserve another date, can anyone think of another date later in the year they would like to reserve? Here are the other dates they have open, I am not sure if any these have been taken yet though.

June 12,13,20

July 10,11,17,18

August 1

September 11,12,18,19

October 2,3,16,17

I know about 4 or 5 guys that are definitely up for it plus myself of course...

Count me in for 3

I'm IN! :)

Do they have any rules on max. amount of people allowed to come?


I am actually going to call about that on Monday. I am gonna put a limit of 30 unless they want less than that. Here is the way I am going to do it:

1 - A few people I know and myself get first dibs (only 3-4 friends)

2 - TT members get second dibs on spots

3 - Then TT members friends get last dibs

I am also asking that no one bring children (anyone riding a bike under 125cc) so that they will not have to split the classes like on normal riding days. I know this sounds harsh but I can't see the point of have 29 riders have to wait while one person gets the track to themsleves or something. I'll let you know what Bob says when I call him, but I am sure his # will be close to mine.

:thumbsup:This sounds great, count me in. I have four guys that usually ride with me, they'll come too since theres nothing else going on that day. The 9th is mother's day so we all have to stay home, can't go to the hare scramble at Wedron(foxvalley off road).

I'd like to go if you have room for 2 guys with a fiddy and a couple of 2 strokes


I have room for you and 1 more.


Based on the large turnout being expected I am going to have to cut back a little on the # of people. Here is the plan, all TT'ers can bring 1 friend. I am sorry to have to do this but I am looking at 40-45 guys showing up and that is more than I had planned.

If this doesn't work for some of you I apoligize, I think their are some other days open for rental at Sunset. I will be posting another post on here about a month before the rental day to get a list of names of people planning on showing up. Thanks and sorry again that I had to do this. :)

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