Tighten your spokes!!!!!!

I just purchased a CRF250 the other day. While i was going over my new bike in the garage, i noticed that some of the spokes were loose, i mean loose. I just wanted to warn new buyers of this bike that off the floor the spokes need attention.

.....and the will need to be tightened after the first several rides until they "take a set".

Mine were real loose after the first ride. Never saw this on a bike before. I think Honda is in a big hurry to get the bikes out.

naaa my 450 spokes got loose every day until i all that horse power decided to shatter a sproket and rip off the face of the hub :)....complete new wheel now loose spokes still just a lot of HP tuggin on em

My rear wheel spokes were also extremely loose after the first ride. I've never seen this lack of setup before on any bike. A few spokes would be one thing, but the whole wheel was loose in less than 50 miles.

Its not lack of set up. The aluminum nipples used on the stock wheels for lightness, give a lot more than stainless. They demand constant attention at first. In other words, make sure they are tight initially. Go burn some laps, tighten them again. After 4 or 5 runs they settle in and you won't have to tighten them as often. They should be checked at least every time you ride. If you do not want to deal with this, heavy duty spokes with stainless nipples should be on your wish list. :)

I fixed my spokes with new rims 20" front and 18" back with buchanan spokes and spline drive nipples.

What kind of Rim did you buy. I am planning on putting an 18" on mine.

I used Excel Takasagos 2.15" rim on the rear. The 20" is the same width as the stock 19" at 1.85". I liked the 2.50 width on my old CR, but think that the 2.15 is sufficient on this bike.

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