Old vs New WR450

Hey guys, looking at getting a WR450 in the spring and was wondering what would be better to shoot for.. A friend of mine is selling his 04 WR450 with a street legal kit, low hours/kms on bike and was originally owned by his brother, both of whom serviced the bike accordingly and he'll sell it to me for a pretty good price so I would have a bit of money to spare for whatever I need to get.  Or would you throw on the extra grand-ish and shoot for something newer like 09 area but history unknown?  Thanks.

Depends on what you are using the bike for.  Do you need/want a plated bike?  It gives you some versatility but the WR's aren't very good on the road if you need to go over 50mph (unless you gear them for street only).  I have an '06 and owned an '09.  I liked the '06 more.  Sold the '09 after three months.  Now I have a '13 and the '06 is up for sale.

I currently have a sportbike and am selling it because I would rather have a bike that can do both, as long as its okay on the road for short trips and just the casual ride around I am fine with that.  I never go that far anyway, I just can't have one for both street and dirt at the moment so I would rather have something that can do both. 

Condition is all that matters.

Learn how to critique a used bike, and buy the one in the best condition.

Yea I am probably just going to go by gut, just didn't know if there was any drastic changes making the 09 area bike worth it.  Would just buy brand new if I could afford it, one of these days haha.  Won't be till the snow is gone anyway, the sucky part is that more then likely if I want a WR450 besides the one I already know for (unless I get lucky) im gonna have to travel a fair distance to even look at it, so it makes it harder buying used stuff. Pictures can only do so much.

Get the 04, I think you'll be happy. +1 on the street kit, the bike is already in your area and you know the guy selling it, all pluses. You can always sell it later on and move to later year if you find something about the 04 you don't like, highly unlikely.


As you can read from my post I'm a little 04 bias.


Good Luck,


Yea I will have to take a real close look at the bike soon, he also said it will be serviced before sale and to what that extent that service will be I don't know. (A engine service would be awesome!) Is there any specific spots to look for in particular on used dirt bikes? Not new to buying used, just first dirt bike I'll be looking at seriously.

I'd go with the 04... The main difference in the 2 is that the 04's were carbureted, and a little heavier than a newer one, and the plastics look different... The newer ones are fuel injected, and obviously have a little but more stylish trim, but there's always the money side of it...

If money weren't an issue, we'd all buy a 2014, and put another $8k into it making it a top of the line bike.

But honestly the wr450s haven't changed much since 03... Same power plant (engine) titanium 5 valve 450cc 5 sipped gearbox, with all the power you can ask for. If looks don't bother you, and you don't mind a carb, go with the 04.

But then again... Is it too much to ask for both???

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