Clarke 3.3 and Radiator Braces?

I've seen other threads on this but there are always mixed reviews about them fitting together it seems like. So, will this work? I ordered the Clarke, what braces will work easiest with it?

'03 CRF


I didn't have many problems with my Devol guards, but they only have one bracing bracket behind the radiator, I think WC braces have two and the upper one may need to be trimmed.

On the front-right, guard-side of my Devols I had to trim a bit of the upper right side I think.

The way the Clarke sits it provides a bit of impact protection, the radiators can't get pushed back too far before contacting the tank.

The thing I like about the Devols is the large wraparound portion, the only radiator I completely ruined I did so because the side got really crunched in, it would be very difficult for that to happen with the Devols.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info... I like the Devol ones too. Probably the route I'll go. Anyone that sees this, any guess on where to get them cheap? I'm going to check the TT store to see if they've got them...

TT store sells them the cheapest $66. You will find upon installation that the lower front shroud hole has to be really pushed in to get the longer bolt in (I assume many folks have cut the interior plastic out to make the fit better). I just went to ACE and got the same type of plastic washer they send you for the back hole and put it in the lower front also, NO HASSLE after that.

BTW - I've experienced no overtemp/radiator overpressure/etc. as some on this site have said happens with the Devols and I do trail riding a lot!!

get the Works Con Rad Braces. You just have to cut a little of the metal, its real easy. I will try to post some pics of what I did soon.

I have the 3.3 with WC braces. I had to trim off the top a bit with a jig saw. Looks clean. The tank will protect the top of the radiator as it sticks out further. :)

The WC braces are going for $40 in my area. I've had them on my 02 and 04.

Trimming them: They have triangular holes near the top. The top edge of that hole is your horizontal cut line. There is a crease in the brace just behind where they wrap around the radiator. That's your vertical cut line,down to the horizontal cut. A mototool does the job.

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