Garage gremlins

Do you have gremlins in your garage? I find that when I'm working on my bike, especially if time is short, I loose tools and parts. No matter how well I organize the stuff. I turn around to use a tool or get a part i.e. washers, bolts, circlips etc and their gone!! Darn gremlins must be stealing my stuff. Is it just me? I think its a conspiracy. I will be in the middle of a critical operation and my wife will call for something or the phone or door bell rings. When I return I have lost my place and my parts and tools are gone. Are they selling my stuff on E-bay? Does this happen to you?

I hate that too.....I usually find the stuff in very obvious places, like my hands :)

Does this happen to you?

For sure it happens to me......changing the oil takes a hour to do. :D Just to find the drain bolt under my tool box. :) Can you say being mad for an hour...oh man I was. :D Wife and kids stayed out of the garage that hour too. :D :D

Ain't no gremlins, its just you getting old!!

Now you know how it feels :)

I think your right. I'm 45 and just found out that I need reading glasses!!! I think i'll paint my walker red.

It's the socks that do it. The 1 sock that goes missing when the laundry gets done... it sneaks out to the garage and when you're not looking, steals nuts, bolts, and small tools. Then, the next time you're doing a large tear-down/rebuild, it sticks extra nuts and bolts in the pile so you wonder where they go when you are all through. Damn socks! :)

We have the dreaded CRS disease-Can't Remember [@#$%&!] :)

Ok that's it...I'm putting a lock on my sock drawer. That will teach them!!

I just did an all out search for my feeler gauges (which I normally leave in a parts bin in the top of my tool box. I was convinced it wasn't there and scavenged the whole garage (finding other lost tools in the process LOL) Took one last look in the parts bin before heading of to Sears to buy a new set and there it is, right where it should be and right where I left it. :D The gremlins must be in my mind. Should I even be working on a dirt bike? :)

A while back I had changed four tires before a week end trip. I got to the last tire and could not find one of my tire irons I didn't leave the garage where could it be? I thought maybe some how it was inside the last tire I put on so I spun the tire and it stopped with the wheel lock down OK thats good. But I still couldn't find my tire iron. I gave up and went to buy a new one. Three weeks later I found it after 2 days riding and an 80 mile desert race it was sticking out my tire and the tire wasn't even flat. I am sure the gremlins put it there.

Feeler gauges? That happens to every other tool I use! They disappear and reappear all by themselves.

One thing I've learned. If a particular tool has seemed to completely leave this universe,look on the seat of the motorcycle you're working on .

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