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CRF450 - Hard to Start with BigGun Exhaust

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I just installed a new race system from Big Gun. I jetted the bike according to their recommendations, which is the stock 42 slow jet and a 175 main with the stock needle in the stock clip position. I now have to start the bike without using the choke by blipping the throttle a couple of times, then kicking it over a couple times and repeating this process until the bike starts. It seems the choke (with no throttle twists) is just flooding the bike. Also, I no longer have to use the hot start after the engine is warmed up. All I have to do is kick it once or twice and it fires right up. Once running, the bike runs fantastic from bottom to top. I am in Florida, and the temperature does not seem to make much of a difference, it is the same starting procedure.

Could this be the slow jet or fuel mixture screw adjustment?

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