01 WR426 flywheel and lighting coil for 99 YZ400F

does anyone know for an absolute fact if the 2001 WR426F flywheel and lighting coil will work or not work on the 1999 YZ400F?? anyone done this? might pick one up cheap on ebay if I find out it will work.......

its going to make mega bucks now!! I had my eye on that too - as did a few others I bet!!

Yes it will work on your YZ400. That is exactly what I have on my 99 yz400.

You will have to Mod it though.

Just follow the instructions below and it will work.


If you have any doubts call Electrex. They can verify it for you.

Electrex USA

2948-A Industry Street

Oceanside, CA 92054

Orders: 1-888-369-8359

Phone: 760-433-0184

Fax: 760-433-1052


Hey, thanks for the heads up on that one. I'll definitley have to try to win that now.

Just kidding :), maybe you should have been a little more discrete about it and just asked if it would work rather than tell everyone where to find it.

I guess Im just a nice person........ oh well game on.... :)

Watch E-bay, I've seen both the WR parts and E-line parts pop up. Some days they sell for freakish prices and other days (like my E-line) I only paid $200 for everything! Cover, stator, flywheel.

Just keep looking, sometimes you have to get real geeky and watch it every day, but it pays off.

Welcome to T.T. Tammie. Normally there are a bunch of really NICE folks out here....I guess having the NEWBIE title

next to your user name makes some people think its high school time...

Just remember you are dealing with the

whole world out here....and a deal is a deal....Anyway welcome...

BC :)fba0ac8b.jpg

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