Racing backgrounds?

I'm curious as to what most peoples racing or riding backgrounds are in supermoto. Alot of the pros seem to have a motocross background (which is what I have). How about the rest of you guys. I would eventually like to try road racing too. The super moto racing seems like it could be helpful in learning some of those skills also.


86-88 rodraced at Loudon on GSXR750

87 Ice racing in Maine on 82 KDX400 with GPZ550 wheels/Carlisles

95-00 Desert racing in NM started on 2 smokes then switched to 4 stroke in 99, WR400

98-00 did some of the BITD series in NV (won over35 expert in 00 tonopah 300) XR650

01-03 Roadracing NM on 01 F4i/ 03 R6/97 RS125

03 fall started racing MX on my 450, starting to get comfortable with doubles.

03 SMRI season results finished 2'nd overall on my 02WR250 in SuperMoto :) finished 1'st on my Rs125 in lightweight SBK, 3'rd in middleweight SBK along with 2'nd in Over 40 GP on the R6.

Currently filling out paperwork for my AMA Pro Roadrace license so I can get a Pro SuperMoto license and attend a couple nationals.

SuperMoto is a BLAST!! :D

7 years city riding in San Francisco. now in san diego, just getting into riding on sm tracks. pretty much no mx hx.

Lots of trailriding, club roadracing for the last 7 years, and have been racing mx (started as beginner, currently an improving junior) for the last year.

Trail riding for 12 years.

Race a miro sprint car for a year.


Bench racer of the year award winner, southwest division. :)

Motorcycle nut for almost 20 years!

Racing background is roadracing for a couple years...did OK

MX raced in mid 90's...worked up to an intermediate

Desert Racing 00-present...I am a slow to mid-pack expert, depending upon the course, the faster the course is, the faster I am!

SuperMoto...raced twice and decided to start my own series in Southern Nevada!!! :D This sport is soooooo much fun! :D

Hopefully, this will not be the end of me! Time will tell... :)

motocrossing for 14 years.

6 years dirttrack.

2 years professional dirttrack.

3 years trial riding.

12 years of ice riding.

also won a few Boarder X competitions snowboarding.

roadraced once....sorta....more in 2004

Trail riding for the past 15 yeears

2 years Flattrack racing

4 years 250 Road race

9 Years professional Speedway (Canadian Div 2 Champion, Ranked 3rs in Canadian Division 1)

9 years street Riding

I'm curious as to what most peoples racing or riding backgrounds are in supermoto. Alot of the pros seem to have a motocross background (which is what I have). How about the rest of you guys. I would eventually like to try road racing too. The super moto racing seems like it could be helpful in learning some of those skills also.


30 years on anything w/ 2 wheels! (I'm 34)

Life long Moto, (will NEVER stop)

Tried Roadracing (LOVE IT...too expensive),

Tried dirttrack (LOVE ADD so too one dimensional for me)

Tried Drag racing (illegally.. short lived thanks to Johnny law and 16 tickets in 4 months)

SuperMoto going on 4 years... this is the sport of Kings!

The skills involved in SM seem drawn from all backgrounds... which means eventually, We will be the majority!


my racing backgrounds are white with a blue stripe around the edge.

Bought my first bike this year and started racing supermoto. It's alot of fun. Can anyone tell me why Jeff Ward is so well known since he just started too?

Chuckie... :D:):D :D :D

Raced one year with WSMC on a FZR600 and a one more year on a RS125.

2 years of Downhill Mountain bike racing (California State champion)and 1 year of bicycle Trials competition.

Auto-x's and Time Trials in my BMW race car, maybe soon some vintage racing.

Lots of trail riding on a XR400...sold.

NO MX expirience. (this is hurting me, so I've been hitting up some motox tracks lately)

Now racing in Supermoto! Best thing I have done in years!

I roadraced in CCS and CMRRA everything from a 50cc Aprilia, 80cc Moriwaki, Yamaha TZ250 (the best bike I have ever ridden), and a GSXR1000.

I have not ridden a dirt bike since I was 14 yrs old and I have NEVER ridden in the dirt......this is gonna be fum!!! :)

Does my lack of experiance in the dirt mean I " have no business being on the track"?....... :D

As long as you don't have a lack of enthusiasm(which I know you don't)you're good to go!

Life long gearhead.

2 stroke streetbikes in high school

A few more years on various street bikes.

A few seasons of Auto-X and time trials in various Porsches.

Had to switch to dirt because of tickets :)

A few seasons of Tuff Truck racing.

About 8 years on dirtbikes now.

One season of Cross Country/Hair Scrambles

Rode quads and dirt bikes as a kid and loved to time myself and friends on our own tracks. Then, when I turned 18 and had some money, I got a '83 Virago 750. Bought a TLS a few years later, and started racing an SV650 with WERA two seasons ago after a couple of years in the mountains, just for the safety aspect of it. Became obsessed, and now it's all I think about. I've wanted a supermoto for the past few years, but when I finally got to ride a CR450F it was all over. Built my TTR mini-tard and then sold the TL and SV and bought a 525.

I grew up riding junkers: Honda Trail 70, YZ 100, Suzuki TS 250.

Raced Hare Scrambles since 1995. Won some 200 and 250B races, 200B, 250B district and PA State champion. Never followed the whole ECEA series, but did well when I did ride it.

Turned A in 2002. A ton of top 3s and top 5s in State in District races in 201-Open Expert (Never won, but came in second to a Pro Mxer and a Top 10 GNCC rider a few times)

Bought a YZ 450 and did well in 4 stk A this year. Didn't follow a series due to work.

Raced MX during off weekends. B class MXer. Beat kids who qualified for Lorettas at local events, never really liked it as much as Hare Scrambles.

I first found out about Supermoto in the summer of 1999. I rode for a Husky dealer and he thought it was going to pick up quicker than it did, so he had on of the first SM 610s in the country. I rode it and loved it, but there was no where to race it, and I had no $$$$ for a street bike. (He had the bike until last summer. He traded it for a DRZ-400s, couldn't sell it)

Anyway, read about Supermoto occassionaly in magazines and on the internet since 2001. I found SMUSA this summer and totally caught the bug. I then did a search on the internet and found TT, boy am I glad. There are a ton of really cool and helpful people here.

Raced my first SMUSA race in August, telling myself that I wasn't going to let it interfere with Hare Scrambles. Two weeks later, I skipped a Hare Scramble to race Sportmoto at the Beaver Run qualifier. Eric at SMUSA was right. Now, I am hooked.

i was real fast around the hood on my big wheel so i figured what the heck and here i am! :)

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