Cold weather starting

Ok guys, here are some cold weather staring tips. This is no way the rule, but what does work for me. Here in WV we usually have snow on the ground in Dec. and usually 5 to 10 above temps. Pull in the comp. release and kick it through the stroke slowly 3 to 4 times. Twist the trottle one time to put some fuel in it. By the way, an accelerator pump activates from the twisting motion that you are doing, not the amount of seconds that you hold it. Do the TDC drill and it should light up. If it does for a second or so then stops, turn the throttle again and then the TDC drill and do it all again. It may take several tries to do this but it will work. At least on mine. If it is cold cold like here then just try to get it to idle on its own to warm up. Remember, oil when cold no matter what weight is still slow to move. I know some of you are just riders and do not want to rejet, but you may have to. I run mine just a tad on the lean side and guess what, it still fouls a plug now and again. Dont sweat it, its life.

I still have the stock pilot and main and use 10w40 havoline changed every weekend.

try it

Hey, I thought you rode a husky???? Can you guess who this is????

If it has wheels and a 4 stroke engine, i ll race it. Have no clue who it is.

You've only beat me one time and I had a flat...Is that a good clue..

And I'm the only one that drives a dyper truck to the races...

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