2007 YZ450F Swingarm fit 2006?

So I have been browsing through the forums recently and I haven't quite gotten the answer that I'm looking for. I'm looking to replace my old beat up original 2006 swingarm with a much nicer used 2007 swingarm that I found on ebay. I was wondering if the 2007 swingarm would bolt right up to my 2006 chassis/engine? I know that the part #'s are different which was an instant red flag for me. If the 2007 arm is compatible with my 2006, are there any specific parts that may be different such as the chain guides etc?  

Yes it will fit.

So I take it that everything is interchangeable?

I have an 06 singarm you can have for free. pay shipping and it yours.  been sitting in my shop for several years. keith

Could you post some pictures?

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