Manual clutch kits for the XR50

Anyone know who makes the best manual clutch kit for the fiddy? I am planning on replacing the auto/centrifigal clutch on my sons xr soon with a functional, manual clutch. He will be ready to upgrade to a bigger bike before long, and I want him to learn to use a manual clutch on a bike he is already comfortable riding.

How hard is the install? How reliable are they? Is the friction point adjustable? How about total cost? All things I must consider before doing the mod! Thanks in advance for the replies!

dratv,com has a clutch kit for about 2 hundo It's the same kit thats in my bike and I love it very durable and easy to instal

I also have the Dratv clutch. My opinion is it is very reasonably priced as the other kits I have seen are upwards of $500.00, that said you get what you pay for. On my 50 it is not like a clutch on a big bike, it is like an off and on switch. You cannot slip it out of a corner or from a standstill. The slightest cable movement disengages it. For me (150 lbs) at the track it isnt what i hoped for but for a kid learning the basics it is ideal

Sik 50's sells a 5-speed manual clutch kit but its like $1600 :)

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