Anyone seen the ATK/cannondale 450, SWEET!!

Anyone seen the rebaged and re-tweeked cannondales that atk is selling. Those baby's look sweet :):D

to each there own i guess. I'de much rather have one of those than a husky! :):D


ATK needs to go back to where Cannondale left off with the design. They need to simplify the look loose that ugly red white and blue logo. Man, that head light doesn't fit or is it that ugly blue, I'm not sure. Hell Cannondale dumped a ton of money into focus group research and the bike looked beautiful when they were finished with it. Now look how ATK F'd it up. UCK!

If you want to see something nice in blue take a look at this:

Or if you really want to see something nice take a look at what the 2005 Husky's are going to look like. Ya, I know that these images are from the 100th Anniversary Te510C, but this is the look of the future Husky's. They are going back to the Red and white with Silver frames of the old Swedish days. call it Modern/retro, but these are really sweet.

HuskyRips :)

Cheese and rice that ATK is ugly!!!! I like the first ones that were all red!!!!!

Thay had to use that color blue, that way they could use up all those old Yamaha IT fenders thay got a great deal on from the plastic supplier :)

GAG! :)

Sorry to sound so negative - but any company that allowed the public to "test" their bikes makes me pissed! :D

what the hey. Cannondale went bankrupt because their bikes were seriously flawed. ATK fixed all the problems that Cannondale couldn't. :) And the plastics and headlights are the same as cannondale used just different colors :D. And what do you mean let the public test their bikes? They allow interested customers and motorcycle enthusiasts try out prototypes :D. THat's the best way to get actual rider input on feel, mechanical tweeks, what's wrong with that. You guys need to get off the soapbox. WIthout ATK those cannondales would be nothing more than landfill material. Now they rip! Go to and read the posts. Those owners are happy as hell! :D

I have a lot of questions about this whole C'dale/ATK deal. Does anyone OWN one? Has anyone even ridden one yet? Are they for sale yet? Is there any information in print (outside of this board) that suggests the problems have been fixed? Aside from some excess weight, I liked what Cannondale had accomplished and thought the bikes - 440e in particular - looked great. The ATK version looks good to me as well. But when the current inventory is gone, then what? Does Dinli plan to build more "Cannondales?" Has Frank cured the infamous mechanical noise issues with the motor? Blue plastic doesn't necessarily mean an improved motorcycle. What evidence have we that this thing is any different than the Clatterdale it supersedes? Why is there STILL no information on the 2004 four-strokes on the ATK web site? It's 2004 now, gentlemen. You listening, Frank?

IMO, Cannondale failed because they spent tons of money attempting to fix problems we never had. Horst Leitner learned that the hard way, too. I understand ATK will never become a mainstream brand, nor do they want to be. But at the moment, I don't see enough of the right things going on there to even credit them for being the alternative, specialized niche brand they've struggled to be from day one. Somebody straighten me out here. Just what IS an ATK anymore? There doesn't seem to be a clearly defined, sustainable product strategy.

OTOH, I just checked out the pics of the 2005 Husqvarna 510 TE. Absolutely gorgeous! I want one.


ATK has addressed all the mechanical issues such as balancing the cranks to keep the motor from rattling apart, and fixing things like radiator mounts and radiator strength. There are several other mods they have done. I believe they have also changed the gearing in the transmision to fix the huge gap between 4th and 5th. I know also that they have been working on fixing the fuel injection and also are offering a carb for those bikes. I believe that is how they are getting around the patents.

I have not ridden one, but on those guys are happy as heck about what is being done by atk. Several of the guys have ridden the new bikes and say they are spectacular. Most of them are also sending their cannondales in to get all of the motor work done so their cannons will be reliable.

I talked with Frank and he said the reason the 2004 four strokes are not out is because they are trying to get their new web page up. It has had problems. He said they are available, just call.

I think they still have a niche market. Who else offers 700,620,500 (i think) two strokes! :) THey are also offering mini's, race ready super motoards out of the box, and now they will be offering the much upgraded cannondale 4-wheelers, along with the bikes. You can still get the rotax powered four strokes that come without a "offroad use only" title so they can be street legal, and bullet proof in reliability.

From the little birdies in my ear, ATK has sh*t loads of cannondale parts to offer for years to come. But the plan for the future is to build an original with the use of existing cannondale technology.

I'm not the leading authority on this but at go to the bulletin board, or go to, there is enough info and knowlegeable people to keep you busy for a while.

p.s. sorry for the horrible spelling :D

bigthumper - don't get me wrong, hats off to an AMERICAN bike(!!), but lets face the facts - They were a pile of stuff! They sent these bikes out knowingly(SP?) flawed and people spent their hard earned money on them. Since when do you send a bike out with that many flaws - every bike has them but not THAT many. :)

In my humble opinion Cannondale died because they designed a Kluge. They answered a question nobody asked. ... For that matter when I chatted with one of their product manager types (who WAS a true motorcycle type) back at Indy a couple of years ago, he pretty much admitted that and hoped they had the time and resources generated by the bicycles and four wheelers to redesign top to bottom a practical and servicable motorcycle. They got way ahead of themselves with a hot shot marketing guy who in turn blamed them for not keeping up with HIM!!! Amazing. Pretty typical of the "ninties" business mentality. That guy was like a whole host of marketing types I dealt with in the Computer business. We used to call what they pitched "Vapor Ware" when they took off without a product.

ATK is just trying to turn a buck and survive. They have to feed their kids too. Frank is..unique..but I understood him much better after a long chat two years ago. He's truely an enthusiast trying to make a business in the sport he enjoys most. He has played this game before and never really built the resources to design and tool up to build a motorcycle to replace their old bikes designed by that "Horst Lei..whatever" guy in the eighties.

Its like Knight now. Their heart is in building a motorsport concept of their own design so they need to turn over other peoples stuff to partially fund it AND stay in the business as a viable motorsports marketing expert over and above their Kawasaki Dealership..all this along side their main job shop style business that is the TRUE backbone of their financial aspirations. Long sentence. Tough task for them. They have way more diversification and resources that ATK had, but less commitment. Too many things more important on the plate.

An Asian group WITH bucks also has the rights to those Cannodale designs. (Why they bought that I have no idea...sold on a can of WORMS!) Is this going to help or hurt ATK? ATK is beginning to spread thin...whats their game? Maico's...Cannondales, Old Rotax stuff? What? They don't have the band width to handle all those directions AND build a stable future as a true motorcycle manufacturing company.

Problem with Knight is sooner or later the Italians will figure them out and we will have yet another distrubuter. Unfortunately that stinks for us VOR and TM loyal folks who ride well thought out and designed motorcycles (unlike Cannondales) with a "way better than you would expect" performance envelope and competition history. (Both TM and VOR are designed by folks who really understand the essence of motorcycles)

At least the Cannondale/ATK afficionato's have a hope from the Pacific Rim for a way pick up the peices.

Maybe one of the Chinese or Korean manufacturing outfits will discover VOR....! Maybe with the ability to build a distribution channel and with a true commitment to the brand. We can only hope! What a talented group to design on a shoe-string-budget a motorcycle capable of two back-to-back ISDE overall wins.

Italy has an amazing industrial base. Engineering is something they do with a sense of asthetics that is truely unique to this world. It always was amazing to me how many truly excellent small machine tool builders&job shops survive in Italy. Thats something I used as an indication of the health of an industrial base and of the engineering talent for a given area ...but Italy's an anomoly discovered in my prior business life thats intrigued me to this day.

Maybe Knight Line will come around and realise what they have or find the desire& resources required to support&market what they have. Pride has a way of clouding the mind and if they haven't yet I'm not going to hold my breath.

I hope Frank can make it work for his family and ATK loyalists. Hopefully he can eventually build a design with the same type of attactions the ORIGIONAL ATK had. Simplicity. Performace to match anything on the market. High quality parts. Reliability. Excellent dealer support. The first ones were an engineering triumph of their time. How about a replacement to the 406 concept? Same configuration with lighter motor and Ohlin suspension components. Maybe an air cooled Maico 500cc class motor stuffed in a redesign of the origional frame. I'd buy one if it was reliable. The one thing my 1982 Husky has taught me is I don't need or like watercooling with all those expensive things to bend, bust, and get in the way when I work on the motor. The one thing fourstokes taught me is I like those wide powerbands. And the thing those 2002 VOR's taught me is the handling/suspension is great...and the new ergo's really make a difference. Why not get all that in a simple package like the origional ATK?

So thats my bitter pill posting for the year. On to Vintage stuff. Tons of fun to be had there. (With my VOR's as backup or when New is required to be socially acceptable). I leave the new bike world to those who need the latest/greatest/most fashinable machine/aftermarket mix to enjoy this sport for the raw motorcycle experience given through building machines back to life and enjoying how they work requardless of age. Funny thing is I finding that newest isn't always best for certain situations.

Weimedog, that is the best post I have seen in a while.

I know we have been on opposite sides of the fence at times, and I don't agree with all of your opinions, but that was a very thoughtful post.

I appreciate TT more when people take the time to speak their mind and it turns out that they have one. :)

where can I find the picture of the 05 Husky 510?

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