Used eBay carb prep before install ?

I posted about a new carb to replace my original 1998 WR carb about two weeks ago. The opinion was to get a 2005 or up used YZ carb. 


Got one on eBay. A 2006, with the hot start cable, got new throttle cables also. I removed the float bowl and it looked good inside. The gas smelled fresh.


What would you all recommend doing to the carb before I install it?


I am thinking take it apart, clean it , check passages, new pilot jet & gaskets. Anything else?


From reading about older carb problems, a bunch of you have gone the eBay used carb replacement route, any major problems?


Thanks, Dan

Edited by NVdan

I put an 09 YZ carb on my WR, got if from another TTer.  I cleaned it and put my jetting kit in it and it started in 2 kicks.  

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