Replacement Plastic?

Where do you guys recommend buying replacement plastic (fenders,sideplates tanks etc.)?

By the way...thanks for the welcoming responses yesterday.

I've gotten mine from Acerbis' web page direct.

My brother lives out there near you....Highlands ranch.

He sold his RMX last year and I think he is considering an XR 650. I will be skiing out there in March.

Thanks for the info. was my choice a while back, and the front fender is just about due again...naah, I'd have to buy the stickers for it too! :)

Well, crap, I live in Highlands Ranch also, my address is Littleton though. He's probably seen me driving to the liquor store with a back pack on summer evenings. (The parking is just so much more convenient on the sidewalk next to the store's door!) :)

I would like to see a bigger picture of your bike if you could post one. From what I can see of it I like it.

My brother lives on West Sparrow Hawk Dr.




Can't get that picture to open up.

Hey, XRHigh. Looks like your bro lives off of Wildcat Reserve do I, up around the right side of the "horseshoe" of the Prkwy towards University. Small world.

Anyway, you couldn't get what picture to open up? It's posted plain as day on my end...I'll try to send to you via private message.

Thanks, yes it is plain as day now.....initially I couldn't see it. Bike looks great.

Are those radiator shrouds, or is that just the angle? What kind of XR do you got there? I'm confused.

He has an Aloop kit on ot. So, yes, it has fake radiator shrouds.

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