Trans Oil Drain Bolt Stripped....

Wasn't there someone who had this happen about a year ago? Mine is just barely hanging in there, the threads seemed to be screwed up, can it be fixed with a Heli-coil without splitting the cases?

Are you sure it's stripped? Get a baby bottle brush and use the small end to get in there and swab it out. You can also go with a bolt that is 5mm longer as the threads go further than the bolt does. Otherwise, short of a cork with a wood screw in the middle of it, I think its a case spliter.

If you don't put the bolt in exactly straight it will seem as if it is stripped. The threads are recessed. Pull the bolt out and try again.

Mine tried to get wicked on me, I think I initially overtightened it. The threads on the bolt were getting pulled off center. A new bolt was all it took. Carefully thread it in by hand to make sure it is going in straight, until it gets tight, then back it off a bit. Put your socket on it then and thread it in a little further till it is tight again and back it off a bit. Repeat this prcedure until you can get the bolt all the way in, then check your threads for metal flakes. That process will "clean up" the threads in the case using the new bolt like a die and tap. Hopefully the threads in the case are OK. If not, I think you have to get a new case half, splitting the tranny and all that fun stuff! :)

I agree with what Rapture said but if that doesn't work for you there is something else to try. Get a new bolt and split the thread lenghtwise with very fine dremel cut off wheel. Clean everything up by running a nut over the thread and you've now made a tool that can fix up ugly threads. Make sure you are square to the threads and run it in one turn or so then remove it and clean out the slot. Keep doing this until your all the way in. The slot allows an area for the debris to collect and it can save buggared threads. If this doesn't work I think you will have to split the cases to make the repair.

I stripped my exhaust flange bolt and to top it off, broke an easy out inside it. I brought to a motorcycle shop and they couldn't get it either. The solution was to laser the bolt out and helicoil. Was a $100 screw up but saved me a few hundred on buying a new head though...

Thanks for the replys, I going to try a new bolt and go from there. I'll admit that I do put it in there pretty tight after changing the oil so I hope that is whats wrong.

8ft.lbs is all you need.

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