RX Ring chain drag

Everyone knows an O or RX ring chain gives more drag, right?

I called FTM to order two new RX 520XSO chains for this year.

When I called in, and told them I want 2 520XSO RX Ring chains, the lady asked me - Is this for competition? (Since I am under the racer discount). I said yes . She said "Well, you know that's a real disadvantage to run that chain."

I paused for a second in disbelief.

My next comment "It's for a KTM 520, I need something that won't shred itself in 2 rides, and that bike doesn't even FEEL the extra drag"

She said OK and placed the order.

LOL. Extra drag. For a smaller bike, yeah, but not for a 520. :)

:):D :D

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