Winter Riding Jacket

I've been looking for a decent, reasonably priced winter riding jacket. I like what I see in the new Acerbis jacket and the others as well, the ones with the removable sleeves are pretty adaptable.

I ended up going with a snowboarding jacket from American Eagle Outfitters ($59). It has plenty of room for a chest protector underneath, is very light, yet warm and has lots of pockets. It even has a grommet on an inside pocket to feed the wires for headphones. I ran a CD player all last weekend and it was killer. All I wore underneath the jacket was a thermal shirt, t-shirt and soft chest protector. I was riding all weekend over in Port Angeles. It was really cold there, when we left on Sunday it was 20 degrees. The jacket kept me very warm and comfy without sweathing. It has a zippered vent that runs under the arm from the elbow to the armpit and about midway down the side. For me, this is the perfect venting. The jacket also has a tall collar that nicely tucks up into the helmet keeping snow and rain from going down your collar. (I hate that!)

The material seems stout, not as stout as the motorcycle-specific jackets, but stout. I'll give it 8.5 out of 10 points. :)

My oldest boy and I have the Acerbis...we love em....and the sleeves zip off and fit over full adult chest protectors.

I noticed that Bajadesigns has them on clearance......$77

web page to Baja Designs acerbis jackets

Sounds like the one you have fit the tee!....cant complain about that one bit!




here are the yellow and blue ones for example.... 104079big.jpg


Check out the ones on MotorcycleUSA they always have something on sale. I got the Acerbis Profile which has worked great for the $. :)

I have a Thor with a zip out vest and really like it. When I was looking for jackets the most important thing on my list was vents. If you end up wet from sweat you will get cold, and the only way for that vapor to escape is through a vent system. I look for vents in the chest area, under arms, and across the back. :)

Snowmobile gear is another place to look for cold weather warmth. :D

The Acerbis pics are the Profile, which is the one I got from MotorcycleUSA for $59. Ships out of Medford so 2-3 days you'll have one. :) And no I don't work there, it's just close to the house. :D

I am using a Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0

100% waterproof

Rock Tex™ 600 outer shell

Rock Tex™ 1050 reinforcements on shoulders, elbows/forearms

Dual density body armor

Dual density spine pad

Removable insulated full sleeve liner

Air-Foil™ ventilation system,

8" rear zipper for pant attachment

Reflective stripe

In the last few weeks I have used it in the pouring down rain, snow and freezing rain. In the freezing rain I rode on snow covered roads at speeds up to 65 mph for 19 miles. When I stopped the jacket was covered with a layer of ice, But I never did cold or wet. The ice coming through my helmet hurt my face, But inside the jacket I was warm and comfortable .... This is the best winter jacket I have owned.

Yep, I've got that jacket and use it for cold dual-sport rides. I can't seem to get enough ventilation with it, even with the liner removed and all vents open, to keep me from overheating when riding trails.

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