I'm FINALLY in the (CRF250R/X) Club Too!!

Hey Guys,



I LOVE my New Bike, my wife said I'd marry it if I could...


...I couldn't argue with her on that one!

Here's my 'dumb' question, what the heck is this:


It came with the bike, but I'm not sure what it is :)

I have gotten a LOT OF GOOD TIPS reading this forum, as a result I am planning on doing the following:

1. Liberal application of Throttle when breaking-in.

2. HP4M oil for Motor (after break-in)

3. HP4 oil for Tranny

4. Remove air-filter screen and use Twin-Air backfire

5. Check Valves after break-in

6. Check Spokes often.

I'm not much on Jetting... I'm at sea-level in CA & have seen reports that the stock bike is a little rich. So, I am hoping that removing the air-filter screen will make it run just right. I'll wait 'till after break-in though. Any cautionary words?

I'm waiting for a magazine shootout on aftermarket pipes. Side-by-side comparison seems the only way to tell the difference between pipes.

Thanks Guys! See you on the Track!!!

That's to get the needle out of the carb.

Wait until you ride it is probably better than the wife. The tool is a jetting tool. I rode my bike 8 hrs so far in Ohio. It is the best bike I ever owned. I reed the forums dailey to keep up with whats going on. There are some real experienced people and pro riders in here to answer questions. Have fun on the new bike did you buy it from out of the area and how did that go I almost did that.

I'll post my Purchase Details in the Cheapest Place To Buy (CRF250) thread shortly.

The brief answer is I got if for $5574 delivered price from GenerationMX. They have really good prices on parts too!

Please share your experience with GenerationMX. Where are they located?

Dude, rolling the CRF in next to the TV is pretty close to as good as it gets. :D I guess if you could pull the bike, tv and your favorite chair into a strip club you would have it all. :)

You can buy them for $5426.00 In Roseville Ca so why order from Gen X?

Okay, I posted my experience with GenerationMX in the Cheapest Place To Buy (CRF250) thread.

Feel free to ask me any other questions :)

Ooops, ... well, there's always '05 :)

Are you talking Roseville Cycle Center ?

Did you get it for $5426 OTD? Including Taxes and Registration? If so, That's DAMN GOOD!

Hey Guys,




my wife was looking over my shoulder at your pictures and she thinks that you should sell the bike and buy your wife a new kitchen floor. i argued with her but she was adamant that true happiness arrives through the right kitchen.


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

funny stuff , looks nice tho

You can buy them for $5426.00 In Roseville Ca so why order from Gen X?

Checked yesterday @ Roseville. $5999 OTD. Tag shows $300 more, but they will still honor the 'ad price' from December. How nice of them.

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