2014 Yz450f Maps

Just curious to what other people are running and what you guys think of the different maps that Yamaha has on there site. Also is there going to be a difference between 2014 and  previous years that are running the Jay Marmont map. I am out of shape right now and want to detune it a little bit for now. Im new to the F.I. stuff so any help would really be appreciated




Just picked the bike up yesterday.

Each year from '10 up has been mapped a little differently.  On the tuner, though, all the stock maps show up as all zeros because the ECU hasn't been moved in either direction from the baseline starting point.  That does mean, however, that a "+2" in any particular field on a '14 may very well be different in terms of the exact mixture or timing it produces than the same adjustment on any other year model.  Or it might not. Without plotting the actual delivered values, it's not possible to tell.


If Yamaha lists different maps for the '14 than for other years, those would be the most accurate, but you can fiddle with the others, load them, tweak them, etc. to your hearts content, knowing that you can just reset the whole thing back to zeros and start over any time you want to in just a coupe of minutes. 

Someone has to have some maps that they thought were good starting points.

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