Lowered Seat/Subframe

After looking for a lower seat kit from the likes of SDG, Guts etc. and coming up empty, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Off came the seat cover and out came the electric carving knife.Off came an inch of foam. There is a line on the stock seat foam that was exactly one inch from the top so I used that as a template. The electric knife is the hot setup. It cut thru the foam easily and left a smoother surface than stock. After restapling the seat cover on, it was time to lower the subframe. First, I removed the mounting bolts,loosened up the top mount and positioned the subframe as low as it would go, about 5mm I would guess. Then I ovaled out the lower mounting holes and the exhaust pipe mounting hole and reassembled everything. The seat height went from 39.3 to 37.5, a big improvement. Even though I cut an inch of foam out, it's hard to notice a difference comfort-wise. It's still pretty darn stiff foam. By lowering the subframe, I was able to get a lower seat height without making the seat too steep in front. It looks like sliding forward for turns won't be any harder than before. fa06ff25.jpg.orig.jpgfa06ff2d.jpg.orig.jpgfa06ff2f.jpg.orig.jpg

Your pics arent coming up...sounds like it works pretty well, you got me interested!!

I always have problems posting pics in here. I put them in a folder on ImageStation,opened each one and dropped them in my post under "html". Seems some people can see them and others can't. I made sure the "password required" box was unchecked on Image'. Any suggestions? :)


I send you a PM regarding the seat pics...


I send you a PM regarding the seat pics...

Send me the pics and I'll put them up for you, if you want..

I have an '03 YZ250F I would like to lower for the girlfriend.

DPW, Thanks for the help! I sent you an email with a few pics of the modified seat/subframe.

DPW, Thanks for the help! I sent you an email with a few pics of the modified seat/subframe.

Here ya go..........




On my 03 YZ450F I went from 39.2" (stock)to 36.5" with the turkey saw (Electric knife) and still have plenty of foam. I'm not sure I would want to cut into the subframe.

The guy's at Enzo (Suspension) say that they have done it for customers , and some love it and some hate it. What do you do if you don't like it once its done? After the holes are slotted can you go back??

Im thinking that I will do this MOD....

If you don't like it I guess you could

just fill in the slot with weld and put it back where it was?


To go back to stock, you could either weld the section that was opened up (ovaled out)or install a steel collar. As for the seat, GUTs sells a complete foam kit/cover in stock, soft and firm.

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