Helmet Painting for Dummies?!

I have a boring white helmet that I'd just love to paint. Eventhough I am artistic and pretty good with my hands, I have very little experience with painting. I started this project by stripping the misc vents and fasteners from the main shell then chickened out. After reconsidering, I wisely decided to buy an old clunker of a brain bucket and practice on that first.

My post is for any and all information on how to proceed with painting this old beanie to get 'er looking shiny and new again. :) Information related specifically to paint type, curing times, clear coating, basic tools, technique/ tricks to get cool finish and or effects, etc. I know painting is not a monkey's job; I don't want to offend anyone out there. :D This is just something I'd like to try.

Thanks in advance for any relevant information.

By the way I'm keeping my expectations in check and if things get squirly, It's off to the paint shop.

I don't know much about it either. I do know that you're gonna want to protect your handiwork with a nice thick clear-coat. Also, make sure you don't paint over any DOT or Snell stickers or the helmet will be unuseable for some competetive events. (See article "6 Days and 13 nights" on ISDE by Jason Webb in latest edition of Dirt Rider - he had a beautifully painted helmet that he could not use because the stickers were painted over.)

Post pix when you're done. :)

A quick Google search came up with this:


Be sure to check out the do-it-yourself link at the bottom of the page - good info there too...

Here's a sheet to scratch out designs before laying any tape:


As far as specific info on paint, the guys at your local autobody supply store are usually very knowledgeable on what would work best for your application and how to apply it. That, and I know the DuPont website has a ton of info on their products at their website.

Always nice to have access to a paint booth to do any kind of painting with the automotive stuff unless you can rig up something decent at home. The fumes are pretty nasty, so wear a respirator no matter what paint you end up using, or where you end up doing it!!

Have fun!!

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