650 14 tooth

If you haven't done the 14 T front conversion yet then you are missing out. I got mine sorted yesterday (I had to grind the retaining plate to clear the chain) and the bike now hums along nicely in the torque range and gets off the mark...umm...rapidly :D Chalk up another victory to the wealth of DR knowledge gained by me from this forum, thanks y'all :)

What was your original gear? I want to do the same thing on my '01 (don't need or want top end over 100 mph!) How does it cruise now at say, 75mph? How much more "punch" does it have now compared to before?

just got my 14 tooth today :) also a yosh pipe and jet kit. cant wait to get it together!

Sorry...busy at work...the stock cog is a 15 tooth...I haven't tested terminal velocity yet but can tell you this gearing feels ideal...most noticeable in 1st which now seems crisp from the get go (felt too tall before) and all gear changes seem to land smack in a big fat band of torque. :)

You will notice a difference at 70. Before I changed mine there were lots of times I didn't use 5th gear except on the highway, now with the 14T I find myself in 5th a lot. If you stay on the road a lot don't change. After my knobbies were out I may go back to the 15T.

The 14 tooth sprocket works great in the woods too! You don't have to abuse the clutch in the tight slow stuff and it keeps you on the powerband.

I've set my sights on a pipe for this winters project,What is the part # for the Yoshimura pipe and how bad did it set you back?

yosh is not making that pipe anymore . i scored it off e-bay cheap.


I like the looks of the FMF Q-pipe but at $314 its a little steap for my cheap ass to jump on but after I mull it over for a while I'll probably get it.

i put the pipe on cut the top of the airbox off and jetted. it runs great

i have aslo 14 tooth on my DR650 and i aplause for the result ... very good

a+ BoB


i still have not installed the 14 yet any advice before i do it? how did effect the top end? how much difference does it make off the line? getting the wheel up?

Top end :) Off the line :D Wheel up :D

Got a pipe! :D

www.mawonline.com sold me the FMF Q-pipe for $286.95.

That should round out my bike nicely :D.

Right now the airbox top is cut out,K&N cleaner,full Dynajet kit(155 jet) and a modified slide,along with the 14 tooth sprocket.

In this form when run against my friends '03 DRZ400S thats been professionaly jetted/tuned on a dyno, airbox mod and aftermarket pipe, I regularly dust him in the flat straight stuff.(he still has a better suspension :))

Can't wait to see what the pipe and 170 jet will do for it! :D


Great deal SgtMike, let us know how the pipe improves the performance. I would like to know about the noise output from this pipe. It is a very good looking unit. I have a supertrapp IDS2 "Q" on my '03. I had to use the Dynojet 170 main jet with 11 disks. I also had to increase the pilot jet size by .002" to retain good cold weather start up manners. The addition of the pipe and re-jet (160 to 170) was as noticeable powerwise as the airbox, filter, stage II Dynojet mod. The pilot jet mod made cold starts much easier and the engine revs much faster. Felt power was much better in all areas of operation. I had to readjust my pilot screw and idle speed after making this modification. These seemingly small things added up to much greater output than the EPA friendly original version.

I guess one of the reasons I went with the FMF pipe is that it looks good.Another reason is that the bike magazines have been giving it a lot of hype. The main reason though is that I've heard both pipes on two different bikes. A Supertrapp on a DR350 and an FMF Q-pipe on a YZ450F. The YZ was much quieter but deeper,gutzy in sound. Hope my 650 sounds similar.

Now if UPS would just get the pipe to my door,I feel like a kid waitng for a B-day present. :)

anyone know where I can get a 14 tooth for a 90 DR650 ...I cant find one?

My bike is a '94 and I got my sprocket at the local accessories shop easy peasy. I just dug out the packaging and it reads 31-14A-14 from JT sprockets. I had to grind down the retaining plate and the 14 equated to 3 more numbers on the snail adjusters at the rear. Mild PITA but worth doing :)

I got a JT 14 tooth sprocket for $15 from my local dealer.

Thats about as inexpensive as it gets.

www.sprocketspecialists.com makes one for the 650 but costs alittle more but still not alot. You can order direct from them.In fact for a '90 650 you can get anything from 11-17 teeth compared to 14-15 for the later models.

Keep in mind that droping one tooth in the front has the same effect as adding three teeth to the rear sprocket.Thier chart shows that the '90 came with a 16 tooth front sprocket. Dropping to a 14 will make a great improvement for the trails and lifting the front wheel. It will trim about 10mph off your top end though but who needs to go 100 mph on knobbies anyway? :D

I'd have to try a 12 or 13 tooth sprocket! :D

Hope this helps Mikgriff. :)


Dear Sir:

Did your tooth-down sprocket change affect fuel consumption much on the roadways? I get 48 average now with the stock 15 and wonder do you lose much?

Do you do much off-road? Did it really help much on tight technical stuff or just a tiny bit?


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