Bike for wife/125L?

My wife has decided to try riding. I am thinking the TTR125LE is the way to go. My son had a TTr125L and we liked it. She is 5" 7" and 120lbs. Will the bike be too small? I know the 04 has adjustable suspension. I don't see her ever ripping up the desert. What do you guys say?

Great wife bike.

And lots of hop up parts available as she gets better or wants more performance.

Its best attribute is the very low weight compared to some of the other 4 stroke minis.

My wife's a similar height. Very limited experience. She loves the bike and the fact that she can touch the ground so easily. I'm 6'2" and I can't stay off the thing either... It's an illness, I know. Good to talk to people here who can relate.


Similar here, my wife is close in dimensions as yours and decided she would try riding a dirt bike for something different. She loves it-

Fits my wife just fine! By "racing" standards, the bike certainly looks too small for her, but she is not a racer. I think the more important measurement is the "Smile Factor", and when my wife took off down the driveway on this for the first time, I could hear her hootin, hollerin, and giggling to herself all the way down the road. I would bet that if I had bought a bike that "fit" her, she would have been tense and afraid, and would have probably gotten her butt kicked by the bike because of it.


No fear, buy the TTR, maybe spring it up a bit, and go have fun. I would recommend taller bars too, but that's cheap. In a year or two, if she decides she wants a bigger bike, you will be pleasantly surprised at the resale value of the TTR. :)

Mate, get the nikes on and just do it....i got the mrs a TTR 125le and I cant keep her off the thing. The enjoyment she has got out of it, has only been matched by my enjoyment watching her improve. I should note that she was a real girly type girl, the type that didn,t like getting dirty or her hair messed up. The TTR has changed all that and in only 2 months of riding she is practicing racing starts, popping little mono's and going over some little jumps. I suggested that she marks out a loop and we time her every week to see how her times improve, well she has taken 22 seconds of her 1st timed loop. I get a laugh when she comes up and asks me to time her. We are both currently involved in bike mods to the TTR to get some more pace out of it. Lots of fun. Anyway the guys in the other posts just about covered everything to reasure your bike selection and I agree and relate to all of them. good luck with it :)

Thats funny ....I could have posted this same post. :)

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