Winter oil questions

OH--no! Not another oil question! Yes it is--but what are you cold weather die hard guys running for oil in the winter--below 40°F--riding conditions? I just had lunch with an Amsoil dealer who gave me a couple quarts of 0W40 and a couple of quarts of 10W40 to try out. Both are mototcycle oils for 4 stokes without friction modifiers. I have Mobil 1 red cap 15W50 in the bike now--and I can't get it started (but it was like 8°F and I didn't want to ride anyway!). He says I can go longer between changes and the bike will start and run better. He runs a 500cc drag bike (13.01 ET heading to the 12's!), was a former MX'er, and drives an '88 Ford F-150 with 280,000 miles on it.

I am thinking of putting in the 0W40 now and swicthing to to the 10W40 next oil change--which will be like June or July. Any one running either of these oils? I think the 15W50 Mobil is good stuff--but a bit too thick for half the year here in Michigan. I know this all goes against my earlier posts of using cheap oil and change often, but I can't find decent cold weather oil without friction modifiers, unless I go with mineral 10W40. I would like to get a 5W30 but eveything I find has friction modifiers in it.

On another note--I think I am going to switch to the Amsoil oil filters and oil for my vehicle. Based on their recommended filter and oil change intervals for the year, I will save over $50.00 a year--enough to put my wife's car on the plan and save another $50.00 or so.

And yet another note--anyone run that 100:1 Amsoil 2 stroke oil in one of their smokers? What about the other Amsoil 2 stroke premix oils? Any good?

well..i dont want to get caught up in another oil thread...but lets just say this..i have used Amsoil 10/40 in my bike..and it was i'm sure either one you use..will work absolutely fine. Now, i can/will comment on the 2 stroke oils...i used to work at a Go-Ped shop, which was a certified Amsoil dealer..they had little packs of "Go-mix"..which were the 100:1 amsoil packets with Goped labels on worked..i'll say that much, but most of the little motors we pulled apart had excessive yes, the 100:1 does work. They offer different 2 stroke oils, the obviously good oil, but it works much better at a richer ratio. If your looking for the best 2 stroke oil they make, its called Series 2000, this is by far the best 2 stroke oil i'd ever seen run through one of those engines...this is what we ran in the race engines, which would spin about 21,000 RPM with no load..they were only 22CC and were intended for big RC pulling 140 pounds around, is gonna be alot more stress on the motor..and everytime we tore them apart to replace the ring, the piston, cylinder..everything looked brand new..even though they told us to run the Series 2000 at 50:1 we always ran what the manufacture recommended i'm sure with what ever oil you choose..its gonna work fine in your bike. :)


P.S.-i'm not sure if you mis-typed something...but, low 13's for a 500CC drag bike is not fast at all..My freind has a 2003 R6..only mod is a D&D slip on, and he ran a 10.8 @ 131MPH..and heck..i know guys with stock Z28's that are running low 13's..i'm sure you must have mis-typed something.

Yo Rudy. I can get you the hookup on 2 stroke oil. I started using a different oil on a friends recomendation years back. It is called Union Carbide oil. It is a synthetic oil specificaly for mixing on 2 strokes. I mix it at 40:1 and have had 0 problems with fowling plugs. I was running Yamaha oil before that and ate a lot of plugs.

My friend Chris has the last of it that you will ever find. But believe me he has a lifetime supply of it. I bought a case of it a while back and still have quite a bit of it left. If you bought 1-3 cases of this stuff you would be set for years to come. A case has 12 quarts in it. I think he is selling it for $20 a case.

Now before you ask Union Carbide went out of business years ago, something about a factory overseas blowing up killing many. But the oil is good stuff.

You may be himhawing this. But I have ran this in my old banshee, 89 yz250, 95 yz250, weed wacker, and leaf blower. I have never had an oil related failer, ever.

1 case of oil = 12 quarts = 32 ozs a quart = 10 gallons mixed @ 40:1 (or 16 oz to 5 gallons) with one quart of oil = 120 gallons of gas mixed with 1 case.

It would take ya a long time to burn thru 120 gallons of gas in your kids yz80.

Something to think about. Let me know

Don--we'll hook up on the oil in the spring. Put a couple of quarts in your truck and maybe we can meet for a ride in April. I'll PM ya with the Spring sched. BTW--ever hear anything back from Kathy Bietau from the Feds on the Holton/Blue Lake trail?

I was just curious about the Amsoil 2 stroke oil as I can get a good deal on it. When we met up last time, I think Jimmy had pretty rich oil in the tank as he had been running hard moto practice at Dutch and then at his friend's house who has a pretty nice little track. Those kids go out and ride until they need gas--not just a few laps, and I think he put his friend's gas in the bike--some snomobile crap the kids mixed up--and that's why the bike was fouled--he may have left the gas on in the trailer too!

We have been having pretty good luck with 40:1 Torco oil mixed with Citgo 93 octane pump gas, with just a touch of the Klotz castor oil for "that race smell"--but always sticking to 40:1 using that funky graduated 2.5 gallong mixing cup! Jimmy is still on original piston and ring--time for a change I know--this winter new ring. But I am pretty firm making him clean his air filters too. His friend has gone through 4 rings, 2 pistons, and crank bearings. His friend's brother just did main bearings too, and I am sure his Dad with be doing his CR250 soon too! They like that Polaris snomobile injector oil for some reason! Even the guy the Dad bought the CR from who was on our last ride, wanted some of my son's gas instead of those guys for his CR once we told him what we had, and what they had!

I'll be glad when Jimmy gets a 250F for his 16th birthday. I hope a WR. If he goes WR--we'll get a pair of '06's and plate them. They had better keep e-start til then! I'll be bummed if they have catalytic converters on them.

What oil wt R U running, Don--I forgot. Also, you putting the torpedo heater on your bike? I am looking at them tonight.

'03 WR cam on the way.

You know I am about the last person you want to be asking about 4 stroke engine oil. I dont run what is recomended. BUT my 400 is still alive so I must be doing something right :D. Lets just say that I have 5wt30 in it right now. :D

It is a little stubborn starting in cold weather. but I have been riding every week lately so it seems to be starting a little easier than normal.

Nope I dont use anything to heat my bike up when its cold. Just kick the heck outta it. When it gets down to 0 deg it sometimes will take a plug to get it to lite but not always.

But I have vowed to use the correct oils in my new 04 wr250 that I am getting next month. No more cutting corners.

I have some of that oil at my house. Ill give ya a quart or 2 to try. I have more than I will ever use in my weed wacker :)

The Forrest service is supposed to have a revised trail in the works. They are supposed to have it open next summer. THe K.O.M. is working with them.

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