looking for???

Hey everyone im looking for the fmf powercore 4 for a 2001 426, anyone know chapparrals web address????

Thanks john

I do not know the site, but.... I think that are 2 left in www.dirt-deals.com at $110.00

That powercore 4 that is on dirt deals is for the yz400 not the 426, i talked to one of the guys and they said they don't carry fmf 4 stroke products cause they don't like them.???They just had some left over for awhile and are blowing them out. Had me excited....

oh well. And hipersports won't get them for another 2 or 3 weeks.but they have the best price.


I think the powercore4 for a 400 should still work for the 426 as I beleive they are interchangeable. You might check with some other people to find out for sure.

I have a 400 and just ordered one from dirt-deals.com and they were not extremely friendly but did not indicate they were not 4-stroke oriented. In fact if you register and create a bike profile they send you weekly e-mails with special offers just for your bike. I get one every Monday with specific offers for my thumper.

Sorry to hear they were not too helpful for ya.


I put a pipe from a 2001 426 on my 99 YZ400, fits fine. I would jump at the $110 deal but I already have 3 different exhausts for my bike and the wife may not understand a fourth...

Yeah i found out that the 400 and 426 are both interchangable. Then i called back and told them at dirt deals, and he said "well okay" what the hell did that mean???anyway buy the time i called back they were all gone,he said it was an old pipe and they don't even make it anymore. I can't figure out wich one that would have been??

Im out,john

Sorry i didn't mean to say that dirt deals didn't like thumper products he just said they don't like FMF 4 stroke products..just had to clear that up.


Do me a favor.



search for my post last jan/feb on hipersports or hypersports.



I would gladly pay 25% more somewhere else!

Just to spite them and to keep them from getting a dime of my $$$ :D

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Hey Felix, I agree with them at Dirt deals that the pipe I orderd is a bit older. The logo on the current power core says "PowercoreIV" and this one says "powercore4" I think this might be the first year they made it as I have looked in several old catalogs and found at least two model changes to the pipe.

I think they still have the megamaxII instock. It cost me $100 and came complete with tunning discs and spark arestor which is a great deal but it may not be what you are looking for. I am sending it back in favor of the power core. I was not crazy about the looks and I think it's a bit more trail riding oriented.... Stupid I know but hey..

Hope you find the pipe you want.

The one that's being discounted is the older Powercore4 with a round core. They've gone to a newer square core design, the PowercoreIV^2. FMF didn't carry extras for the round core, only the square (like spark arrestor end cap or quiet core insert) so I don't think that model is supported anymore. I'd look to either the IV^2 model or check out the hype on the Thunder Alley system. I have the Powercore IV^2 and now after reading everything, I wished I'd gotten the Thunder Alley.

Thanks I think i understand now...


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