Air Filter?

What is a good brand of air filter for a WR450? I can't find a K&N in stock anywhere. Hope you all can help.

I have had good luck with Twin Air and Uni's.

I just use Twin Air on my 426. Wanted to get a K&N but decided to wait and just get one for my CR.

I've been using the uni filter on my 450.I haven't had any trouble with them on any of my bikes and am happy with the quality.

I did just order the twin air and will be trying it soon.

Can't wait for Twin Air' Power Filter for the WR450. A seperate cage with no backfire screen. At this altitude I should be able to increase the main jet 3-5 points ! To date, Twin Air has one for the YZ450, but the filter footprint is different for the WR. Crimeny, they make one for the DRZ's ! :) Like that might help ? :D What's up with that ? :D

They do have one for the wr450 now.I just saw it on there website.I ordered one and hope to have it soon :)

Whoa ! It's here. :D Ordered one already. Think I'll go down to the Yamaha shop and pick up some jets !!!! Thanks for the lead, only on TT !!!! :)

I have been using the twin air on my 450 for a couple months now. Its alot smaller then the stock one. When I put it in I cut a hole in the left side panel also. With those mods and the temp droping a bit I needed to raise the main two sizes. I like it, woke the bike up a little more. :)

Well, thanks for the info and suggestions. Looks like the "Twin Air" is going to win the race. :)

I dyno tested original and TwinAir and I did not get ANY perdormance gain with the TwinAir. I think K&N will give you some gain but for the price of less filtration I guess.

My riding partner is a mechanic and was using a K&N on his XR400 few years ago. He always told me that those filters are not tight enough and has always been convinced that the dammages he observed on his XR cylinder sleeve and piston were due to dust entering through his K&N. He really did not like his experience with those.

Anybody else having trouble wih K&N or is my partner's case an isolated incident?

I guess that changing the air filter is more about having better filtration without affecting the power than creating less restrictive conditions. If the aftermarket filter is less clean than the stock one, who knows how the bike will react to the extra dust? :) You can't really be less restrictive on the filter itself IMHO

Math, I have had problems similar to your friend when using K&N filters. I wasted a cylinder on an ATV while using a K&N, and believe the reason was poor filtering. Before I get slammed the filter was less than 10 hours old, and the ATV in question was just as new. I believe what your friend believes also. I have also seen alot of cars in my workplace with K&N's that have a fine layer of dust inside the air inlet after the filter. If the filter is doing it's job there should be no dust. My 2 cts.

I will always stick to a well oiled foam filter, they are not the most free flowing, but they filter very well.


Why can't you just cut the screen out of your stock filter cage and then use the backfire filter :) It would sure save some money.

Why can't you just cut the screen out of your stock filter cage and then use the backfire filter :D It would sure save some money.

You can, I did it on my 85 XR600, and will do it to my WR when I get time... :)

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