Anyone try one of those Q-Ray or similar bracelets

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any of you have ever tried those Q-Ray wrist band bracelet type deals? They advertise via infomercial. I know what you are thinkin, Phooey! I really had my doubts too but I have a friend that swears by the thing. He used to be a minor league player years ago and tore his knees up pretty good. Now he is an avid golfer. He was taking massive amounts of Vicoden prior to using this wristband.

Currently I have a shoulder injury that has been hurting for 2 months. Not real painful, only when I move my arm in a certain way. Well, he got a new wristband for Christmas and had his old Q-Ray. He tells me to try it for a month or so. I have had it on for over 18 hours and can really tell you that it has helped.

Maybe it just seems like it is helping or maybe it was a coincidence :)

Just wondering if any of you will admit to using one?


Not real painful, only when I move my arm in a certain way.

Well, don't move your arm that way then. :D :D :D

Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. Hope the pain stays away for good.

I have a friend that wore a wristband like that (I remember he said it was made out of some type of magnet), anyway he said it worked for him. Let us know if the pain stays away. :)

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