starter jet port cleaning

Last time out my 2009 yzf450 started first kick (fairly normal), after typical warm up, gave it some gas to leave parking lot and the bike pops and stalls.

Would not restart w/o some throttle. Would not idle. Seemed to run ok at significant throttle opening, but would die quick at idle.

Took the carb apart. The pilot may have been partially blocked, but bike still did not idle right, but was better.

I took carb apart again for better cleaning. Some new jets and such. Pinsoled overnight. Carb had no build up to start with.

When cleaning the passageways the starter opening in the carb doesn't seem to have a back opening, only the cross drill hole near the top of the bowl area. There is a brass tube under the starter jet, but wire nor spray would go through. Blocked?

Carb cleaner would not spay any where else when inserted to this opening. Is this correct? Is there something if I split the carb open in the middle with the security screws?

I did not have a filter on the bike. I just bought one. Will clean the tank too.


But I am wondering, should carb cleaner spray through the starter jet opening? I did have the "choke" knob removed.






DO NOT split the carb ever!

Keep trying to clear the pilot jet and passage with carb cleaner and pressure (air or wd40 etc)

The choke circuit is least of concern.

Get the pilot right.

I feel good about the pilot circuit. So back on it goes to try.

Thanks for the reply.

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