650R -- king of which desert?

If the 650R is king of the desert, why are all the fast honda euro dudes riding 400s in the PD? :)

Yeah why? :):D :D Seems like it's even a fat turd in the desert. :D :D :D :D Sorry guys, now you don't even have the desert argument anymore. :usa: :usa:

nonferrousdude :) irondude :D

Are you guys brothers?


The offer still stands. You wanna come play in my desert? :D

Like brothers -- just friends. I'm still wondering why the 400s are spanking the 650s. What am I missing? Better fuel economy? More reliable? Better in the sand dunes? "A chick finished on one so why can't I"?

LOL the xr400r only has a top speed of 70-75 in stock form and the 650 has a top speed anywhere from 110 to 120. :D:)

I dunno :) The 400 does get better fuel economy and I'm sure they are more reliable just because of the air cooled engine. It's tough to break a radiator or burst a hose that's not there. It looks like the 400 would be falling way behind in the super fast stuff though. Maybe the guys riding the 650's can't ride all that well. :D I don't know.

Campbell did ok on one. But after reading the post about the 1000 maybe he was riding in a copter most of the time. :D

I heard it was because Lorax's mom was passing out poontang to the 650 riders in the dunes. :)

If the 650R is king of the desert, why are all the fast honda euro dudes riding 400s in the PD? :D

I believe it is because there is a 400cc class. That is why there are a few DRZ 400's, and KTM 400's.

I don't think it has anything to do with the loose morals of Lorass's mother. :)

King of which desert??

Well, I know one dried up, scratchy smelly stretch of barran waste land that Lorax's blue spooge sack is superior and that's between his mom's legs!

Oooooooh Doctor! :)

King of which desert??

Well, I know one dried up, scratchy smelly stretch of barran waste land that Lorax's blue spooge sack is superior and that's between his mom's legs

Actually Rokatt it wasn't that dry when I was there last, though I must admit my throat got awefull parched standing in that long line. :)

Pretty rank!

Nonferrousdude-whats shakin?! Its about time you jumped in to this sand lot.

I agree-its becouse there is a 400 class. Word on the street is that next year KTM is gonna offer 400 Rallye bikes-so then adios XR400's -- but yeah its sad that no pigmen are in the top 50. Pathetic, really.

Thing is KTM offers a pit+ service at Dakar-like Honda does in Baja. SO if ya wanna race the Dakar its a lot easier to ride Orange than Red in some respects.

I hear ya on Lorax's moms erg of an entry.


Lorax come play out east with me n stonewall come eat some rocks thinking you have ben hit in the head n lost your marbles!!!!! :)

So if I got it right, the theory is that the relatively fast euro-dudes know they can't win the 650 class against the truly fast guys on KTMs. But they want to WIN something, so they try to win the 400 class on the XRs, meanwhile beating the relatively slow euro-dudes on the 650Rs. Seems plausible.

Thanks for the welcome, Mike! Now I just need to learn how to ride the darn thang.

Loving the Edelbrock carb! Thanks Rob Barnum. At least no more near-death experiences in the desert trying to start the mother! Nonferrousdude indeed.

I think poor Mike has finally lost it. First with the XR's and now he turns up with multiple personality disorder. Looks like the desert talc got into his brain.

Ahhh yess he will be missed!!!

Hey Sunny-

Wait until you read what FieroVato has to say! :)


looking forward to it....when and where should i expect to read...

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