WB e-series and Cal 96db law

I have a friend with a 00 650r that is planning to go riding with me in 2 weeks and has White Bros e-series pipe. The place we are going does check sound and he has never had the bike checked. We cannot find a quite core for it , it is on backorder everywhere ,WB, parts unlimited, everywhere. Has anyone had it pass sound, if so how many disk did you have in it? We are looking for any ideas. This was supposed to be a three day camping trip and I don't want to see him not go. He bought the bike used and did not get the stock pipe for it and I don't know anyone that has one to loan him.



Here is a reply I got from an individual on the yahoo group.

"I have a white bros E-series and header and its a great pipe. It will also pass the sound test 95.999999999999 decibels with 12 shims."

I don't believe it. My XR650L is running 12 discs, and it's loud as hell.

I have one on my L, and I am running it with 6 disc. I would venture to say that it would pass the 96 db law. It really is kind of quiet. And with 6 disc, the motor will produce more low end power where you need it.


I have got an e series on my 01 and have measured it at 98db. I put in the quiet core and it didn't seem to make much difference. The guys at White Brothers told me that you may have to go down to 6 disks. I pulled a few disks out and didn't like the power loss although I achieved the 96 nirvana. I ride open desert and they don't check the sound too much so I will leave it wide open for now. :)

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