Does any body knows about any recall for a '99 YZ400F?

Just want to know.

Happy New Year.! :)

Yes Victor, Recently a recall was posted somewhere that says not to buy that particular bike from Norris Motor Sports of Muscatine, IOWA ! Be aware !!! :)

I know that, but they'll paid for parts and i hope for labor to...

And what about the 2 week that i can't ride it???? they will have to give me something extra for the moral damage....

--- :D New bike and i can't even get 1st. gear :)

Victor your spelling and writing skills are getting worse, will paid.......? will pay is the right way to write it.....?

To......? I think that you need to add and "O" more, "too" !


I have a 99 YZ400 and I haven't heard anything, although they should have one on those crappy gas tanks...


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