Looking at '97 KTM RXC400

Good afternoon!

I am new to this board. I thought I'd introduce myself and ask a question at the same time.

My name is Jon, I'm married with three kids. I'm in the Army, stationed at Ft. Bragg. I just returned from nine months in Iraq.

I've had some experience with dirt bikes and quads in the past, but don't have any experience on the street.

I'm looking at buying a dual sport- something I can ride to work on nice days, and still take out to play in the dirt. I'm currently looking at a '97 KTM RXC400. The asking price is $2299. It's said to be in good shape. Would this be a good choice for a newbie like me? What should I look for when I go to look at the bike?

Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.



I've got a '96 RXC400, and I feel it runs out of speed quick while on the road, but this bike is ridden at 6000'-9000'+(made it to the top of Pikes Peak, 14111'!). I dropped the front sprocket down one to make it a bit more dirt-worthy, and it's hard pressed to maintain 65 mph without wringing the engine. On the plus side, the bike has really good suspension for offroad considering the weight of the bike. The asking price for what you're looking at sounds reasonable, depending on it's condition and mileage. My next On/Off bike will be 600cc min.

Having been a mechanic at a KTM shop I think the 400 is a decent bike. One of the major drawbacks is parts availability. We waited for over a month for an oem piston for one only to recieve the wrong one. Would have gone aftermarket but none were available. Personnaly I would try to find something '98 or newer.

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