Is anyone here following the Dakar Rally? I am, and I'm paying special attention to Swedens PG Lundmark (KTM 660) and the french guys riding the WR450 2-Trac (2wd WR 450!!! Really cool, Öhlins developed 2 wheel drive WR450!!)

Dakar Rally

2-Trac articel!

Yamahas articel on 2-Trac

I've also read Ohlins own articles on the subject. The did the final testing on a YZ426 with Trelleborg studded tires... The pics in that article were cool to say the least. Cool system...and it's a Swedish as Öhlins shocks... which btw, if anyone ever doubted it, are the best...

I don't have cable so I have no way to follow it, but it would be great if someone could post as things happen! I'm itching to see how the 2wd goes, looks like a sweet ride. I'm honestly surprised that it will be competitive power wise as I would assume that the hydrolic system would eat a lot of power, but maybe they have that figured out; or maybe the advantage outweighs the costs?

There are two WR450s in the Rally. One is in 15th (David Fretegne) and the other one I can't seem to find - maybe I'm not looking hard enough or possibly DNF. Swedish rider PG is in 6th place!

I have'nt been following dakar but I have seen this bike it's pretty wild if you ask me. I wonder how different it is to ride one.Now that would be cool to check out. :D:):D

Well, well, well... Fretegne and the Yammie 2-trac finished 6th overall. Now, consider that he's competing against KTM 660 and bigger bikes.. Impressive! Team Scandinaiva (Sweden and Norway) finished 4th overall with only KTM manufactruers teams finishing 1, 2, 3... Impressive.

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