New look check it out 2010

Here is my 2010 just got powdercoated new seat cover and all black plastics also has stage 1 cams and a full titanium dr d exhaust with a 10 paddle viper ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1390735999.544360.jpg

nice job!  Bike looks awsome.

Way too be different man. It's bad ass for sure.

Sick look! Unique and awesome!

Thanks everyone I got the black tank covers now to so it looks better !! Just havnt seen many bikes powdered so I figured I would do it !! Found out its a 2011 and not a 10 so I got a smokin deal on it

At a glance I am thinking KTM.. Nice powdercoat job.

you KTM.. sorry yami looks great, love a custom project done right.

Wow... I'm jealous

Thanks everyone loves the way it came out and runs like a beast also

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