Gasket Removal?

I am in process of putting a new clutch in the XR650L. The job of changing

out the friction discs, plain discs, and springs was very easy. I'm ready to

button it back up.

I bought the correct gasket for the RH crankcase cover, and even had the

presence of mind to make sure it fits properly before removing the old one.

No problem there. What I hadn't counted on is that the old gasket is

adhering ferociously to the crankcase (not the cover, where it would be easy

to work on). It's old and brittle and baked on, and it's coming off in


I am being very careful not to mar the mating surface of the crankcase, so

far I have only used my fingers, fingernails, and an old credit card to

scrape the stuff off, but I am not making much headway.

Any suggestions on how best to remove that old gasket? I could use a dull

kitchen knife or a putty knife or something like that, but like I said, I

don't want to mar the surface underneath the gasket.

Thanks for any (reasonable) suggestions!


UPDATE: I went to an auto supply store and got some Permatex Liquid Gasket Remover, and have applied it and am waiting for it to soak in. Hopefully that will soften it up enough to be able to get it off without the use of RUDE TOOLS.

I have used razor blades in the past. You have to be EXTREAMLY careful soing this though, for obvious reasons. Also a small, dull pen knife has worked for me in the past.

3m make a scoth-brite pad that you attach to a drill that works great. just be carefull to only remove the gasket. :)

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