Valve Pads?

Is there a kit I can order that includes all the valve pads that I would need to adjust my valves? I hate to open the bike up and wait for 5 to 7 business days while I get the pads. Ir should I just order 10 of each?


If they made one I would have bought it. At $5-6 a piece I doubt anyone could afford 10 or even 5 of each. I ordered 3 of one size and 2 of another from Yamaha of Troy, I guess they are changing ordering systems so I won't get the shims until next week :). Maybe some of us could start something where everyone puts up what they have and can trade them or something. Who knows.

K&L has a kit that runs about $275. Or they sell shims in 5 packs for $6.00. As little as the valves need adjusting, I think I may just order 1 size smaller than what I have in there now as they always tighten up, never loosen...

That is a major pain in the butt! Having to wait like that..

I was lucky. We have a shop down the street. I took mine out and traded them in 1:1 for the pads I needed.

Total cost to me - $0.00


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